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Listing of Available Titles

Jazz & Pop CDs

Catalog #Title - Artist
10012-2-FNew Baby - Don Randi & Quest
10031-2-FSteps - Pat Coil
10033-2-FUp Front - The Power of 7
10035-2-FSpeaking in Melodies - Michael Ruff
10036-2-FSay It With Music - Margie Gibson
10042-2-FSchemes and Dreams - Pat Coil
10050-2-FSonic Detour - Freeway Philharmonic
10057-2-GThe Best of Harry James - Harry James and His Big Band
10060-2-FMatter of Time - Michael Allen Harrison & Friends
10064-2-FAcoustic Storm - Robert Stanton
10068-2-FThe King James Version - Harry James and His Big Band
10070-2-FComin' From a Good Place - Harry James and His Big Band
10071-2-FStill Harry After All These Years - Harry James and His Big Band
10074-2-FTower of Power Direct plus - Tower of Power
10075-2-FDiscovered Again plus - Dave Grusin
10076-2-FI've Got The Music In Me plus - Thelma Houston & Pressure Cooker
10078-2-FJames Newton Howard and Friends - James Newton Howard and Friends
10080-2-FThe Amanda Albums - Amanda McBroom, Lincoln Mayorga & friends     
10086-2-FLincoln Mayorga and Distinguished Colleagues - The Complete Trilogy [2 CD Set]
10089-2-FSketches of Spain - Lew Soloff, Harmonie Ensemble New York, Steve Richman, conducting & friends     

Special Collection CDs

Catalog # Title - Artist
10037-2-FSheffield Drive - Various Artists
10046-2-FThe Sheffield Jazz Experience - Sheffield's Distinguished Colleagues
10053-2-FThe Sheffield Pop Experience - Sheffield's Distinguished Colleagues     
10061-2-FPrime Cuts Vol. II - Various Artists

Component Testing & Evaluation CDs

Catalog #Title - Artist
10508-2-G"My Disc" - The Sheffield Lab / A2TB Test Disc (High Density Gold Version)
12222-2-FKodo - Heartbeat Drummers of Japan
10081-2-FThe Sheffield Track & Drum Record

Classical CDs

Catalog #Title - Artist
SLS-503-FBeethoven String Quartet No.10 & Bridge String Quartet No.4 - The Ciompi Quartet
SLS-505-FPiano Music of Chopin, Brahms & Prokofiev - Lincoln Mayorga
10026-2-FMoscow Sessions Vol I - The Moscow Philharmonic conducted by Dmitri Kitayenko & Lawrence Leighton Smith
10027-2-FMoscow Sessions Vol II - Lawrence Leighton Smith, Dmitri Kitayenko
10039-2-FStrauss - Dvorak - Steinhardt and Mayorga
10043-2-GThe Sheffield / Leinsdorf Sessions Vol. 1 - Leinsdorf & The LA Philharmonic
10044-2-GA Gershwin Celebration - Lincoln Mayorga & The Moscow Philharmonic
10047-2-GBach - Malloch, The Art of Fuguing - Lukas Foss & The Sheffield Ensemble
10049-2-FEarth Chants - The Madrigals of SBHS
10052-2-GThe Sheffield / Leinsdorf Sessions Vol. 2 - Leinsdorf & The LA Philharmonic
10054-2-FSchubert: Piano Duo 1 Piano 4 Hands - Joan Rowland & Ulrich Schnabel
10058-2-FPassions - Newman and Oltman Guitar Duo
10063-2-FSteinhardt & Mayorga - Arnold Steinhardt, violin; Lincoln Mayorga, piano
10077-2-FBrahms in Autumn - Lincoln Mayorga, piano
10082-2-FDuos for Violin & Cello - The Parnas Double
10087-2-FThe Sound of Debussy: Preludes Books 1 & 2 - Joan Rowland - piano
10088-2-FGare du Nord - Duo Parnas

Christmas CDs

Catalog #Title - Artist
10038-2-FA Sheffield Christmas Collection - Various Artists
10059-2-FRoad To Joy - Freeway Philharmonic

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