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The first internationally released Chapman Stick, Viola, Guitar and Drumcussion band in the world as we know it! Combining the improvisation of jazz, the accessibility of pop and rock, and the discipline of classical music, Freeway Philharmonic have created a high-brow, high-strung animated instrumental style all their own. Their performances are vibrant and turbo-charged with infectious energy, appealing to sophisticated listeners of all ages.

Scott Jackson, Drums, Percussion     Novi Novog, Viola
Robert Stanton, Acoustic Guitar Lerry Tuttle, Chapman Stick ®

1.   Albert's Go-Cart (3.49)
2.   Cruise Control (3.58)
3.   Good Vibrations (4.23)
4.   Skyscraper (4.21)
5.   Lullaby of Tears (4.45)
6.   Hoedown (from Rodeo) (6.27)
7.   Happy Feet (3.46)
8.   Bullfrog Rag (3.10)
9.   Underpass Overture (3.13)
10. The Revival ( 3.22)
11. Martha My Dear (4.11)
12. Claude and Maurice (3.37)

"No known genre adequately defined the delightful, intricate sound of this string quartet." Billboard Magazine
"The hipness of Kronos, the serious musical ability of Shadowfax, and the acoustically humoured sensibility of Bela Fleck!" Gavin Report


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