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Sheffield Lab

"My Disc"
The Sheffield / A2TB Test Disc
(For all types of audio equipment)


86 tracks, engineered to provide a thorough evaluation of your audio system's performance, the listening environment, as well as your personal critical listening ability.   My Disc contains special tracks that enable you to analyze performance, with or without specialized test equipment.   Now you can have your other test gear at home and evaluate any system any time you want to.   For example, you can run tests at a friend's house, in an audio show room, or even in a car.   There are also six complete music tracks from Sheffield Lab.   A detailed 20 page booklet takes you through each procedure, track by track.   My Disc will become your single indispensable disc for critical evaluation.

    1 - 6   Reference Music
         7   1k @ -20
  9 - 18   Acoustic quick click
       19   1-25 Count
       23   Polarity pulses
       26   Stage descriptions
33 - 40   Linearity tests
        41   0 bit test
        44   Stereo pink noise
47 - 56   1/3 octave noise
        58   Subwoofer test
69 - 70   Dynamic test
77 - 82   Distortion masking
85 - 86   Indy Trials


  Sheffield Lab is distributed in Australia by Rockian Trading