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Sheffield Lab's High Density Gold.   Sheffield Lab introduced their advanced CD manufacturing technology High Density Gold.   This technology results in discs with unparalleled performance and longevity.   When we manufacture our High Density Gold discs, Sheffield adheres to standards a cut above the other gold discs.

The greater reflectivity of the Sheffield High Density Gold disc allows for a stronger signal reflected from the disc into your CD player's optical pickup.   This improves the optical signal to noise ratio, resulting in a greater integrity of recovered data and reduced jitter.   The improvement is easy to see with your eyes.   Hold a High Density Gold disc to a light and look through an unlabeled area of the disc.   The High Density Gold disc is noticeably more opaque than other gold discs.

The discs are coated with a layer of ultra stable premium lacquer, which provides excellent abrasion resistance.   The 24k gold used in the manufacture of High Density Gold discs is the highest purity available (99.999%).   This 5-nines gold achieves incredible long term environmental stability, so your investment in Sheffield Lab music will last a lifetime.   See, hear and feel the Sheffield High Density Gold difference!

  Sheffield Lab is distributed in Australia by Rockian Trading