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Heartbeat Drummers of Japan

World renowned KODO drummers play a variety of wooden drums, including the massive 700 pound o-daiko drum, in addition to other traditional Japanese wind and string instruments. A single-point stereo microphone was used for this recording. This is a favorite demo disc for many world music lovers!

"Definitely for those of you who enjoy feeling rather than hearing your music." Lucky Clark New England News Syndicate

WARNING: This disc contains music of extraordinarily wide dynamic range, encompassing long passages at the threshold of audibility that build to levels of extreme intensity.

1)   MIYAKE (6:20)
2)   O-DAIKO (BIG DRUM) (6:10)
3)   MONOCHROMe (12:12)
4)   CHONUMA (7:16)
5)   HAE (6:37)


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