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This disc was the brainchild of producer Jeffrey Weber who had worked with this highly talented group of background singers on an earlier production for Sheffield Lab.

In his words: “As I watched these seven great vocalists working together in the studio, I saw the tremendous respect and admiration they had for each other and appreciated their beautifully complementary vocal styles.   An idea began to blossom in my mind: These are the women you hear on everyone else's albums.   They're the same names you see time after time singing on albums as diverse as Michael Jackson and The Beach Boys.   Why not create a special project with the spotlight directly on them?…   We could showcase their versatility by featuring them singing everything from classic girl group songs of the 60's to contemporary R&B songs…, throwing in some demanding a cappella moments, a traditional gospel medley, and a Broadway-style ballad.   Now that's a project to get excited about!”

Sheffield Lab is fortunate that the excitement in Jeff Weber's vision was fully realized in the studio, with great arrangements, musical performances, and superb engineering by Jim Scheffler.

The seven ladies of color who make up The Power Of Seven are Mona Lisa Young, Clydene Jackson Edwards, Myrna Matthews, Maxi Anderson, Carmen Twillie, Alfie Silas, and Yvonne Williams.

Arrangers and instrumentalists include Gerald Albright, John Beasley, Luis Conte, Mike Fisher, Paul Jackson Jr., Lincoln Mayorga, Bill Meyers, Billy Preston, John Robinson, Patrice Rushen, and Neil Stubenhaus.

  1. When Something is Wrong With My Baby
  2. Mockingbird
  3. My Love It's Yours
  4. Shadows on a Screen
  5. Will it Go Round in Circles
  6. Tears of My Heart
  7. Come As You Are
  8. Dancin' In The Streets
  9. California Blues
10. Stranger in My Bed
11. Gospel Medley:
      A City Called Heaven,
      Motherless Child,
      Soon I Will Be Done
12. Back-up Singer's Blues


  Sheffield Lab is distributed in Australia by Rockian Trading