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Lincoln Mayorga with The Moscow Philharmonic

Live concert performances of Gershwin classics, including Rhapsody in Blue and I Got Rhythm variations.

1.   “I Got Rhythm” - Variations for Piano & Orchestra (8:28)
2.   Rhapsody in Blue (16:22)
3.   Promenade (Walking the Dog) (3:33) - From the Film “Shall We Dance?”
      [Tracks 1-3 recorded in concert March 16, 1988 Tschaikowsky Hall, Moscow]

Solo Piano Pieces:
Three Preludes (1927)
4.   Allegro ben ritmo e deciso (1:28)
5.   Andante con moto e poco rubato (3:02)
6.   Allegro ben ritmo e deciso (1:13)

7.   Two Waltzes in C (1933) (4:03)
8.   Rialto Ripples (Rag) (1917) (2:13)
9.   Impromptu in Two Keys (1924) (1:02)
      [Tracks 4-9 recorded in recital April 27, 1988 Pasadena, California]

10. Lullaby for String Quartet (1920) (10:22)
      (The Strings of the Moscow Philharmonic conducted by Dmitri Kitayenko)
11. Summertime (3:53)
      (From after-concert jam session featuring Arkadi Shilkloper, french born and Stan Ricker, bass)
      [Tracks 10-11 recorded in concert August 19, 1986 The Large Hall, USSR State Radio and Television, Moscow]

"A most enjoyable and supremely well recorded anthology ... top rank!" Stereophile


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