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matter of time
Michael Allen Harrison & Friends

Pianist / Songwriter Michael Allen Harrison combines the accessibility of Contemporary Instrumental Based (CIB) music and the freewheeling exhilaration of jazz improvisation. Michael's intuitive composition style constructs relaxing, yet involving arrangements that keep his fans awaiting the next release. This CD features the Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Piano, accoustic guitar, bass, drums, flute, oboe, sax and authentic Latin and Native American percussion. Michael Allen Harrison's music touches the fringes of jazz and pop with the new age accessibility of Yanni, John Tesh, and George Winston. Complete technical notes on the live to two track recording session are included in the booklet.

1.   Matter of Time 5:30
2.   Transitions 4:59
3.   Tomorrows 5:12
4.   Fly Away 8:46
5.   Cuba Libre 6:27
6.   Friendly Faces 3:02
7.   Totem Moon 5:25
8.   Turn Back the Pages 5:06
9.   Guardian Angel 3:43
10. The Traveller 3:33
11. Pieces of a Dream 5:35


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