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Piano Music of Chopin, Brahms & Prokofiev
Lincoln Mayorga

A fresh and brilliant recording of a cornerstone of romantic piano literature, the Twenty-four Preludes of Frederic Chopin.   These compositions explore the full range of the composer's musical and emotional palette, inspiring Franz Liszt to call them "poetic preludes, like those of a great contemporary poet."   The preludes are supplemented by Brahms' last opus for piano and three pieces by Prokofiev: a waltz from his opera "War and Peace" and the contradance and waltz from the motion picture, "Lermontov."

Frèdèric Chopin Preludes
  1. No.   1 in C Major
  2. No.   2 in A Minor
  3. No.   3 in G Major
  4. No.   4 in E Minor
  5. No.   5 in D Major
  6. No.   6 in B Minor
  7. No.   7 in A Major
  8. No.   8 in F Sharp Minor
  9. No.   9 in E Major
10. No. 10 in C Sharp Minor
11. No. 11 in B Major
12. No. 12 in G Sharp Minor
13. No. 13 in F Sharp Major
14. No. 14 in E Flat Minor
15. No. 15 in D Flat Major
16. No. 16 in B Flat Minor
17. No. 17 in A Flat Major
18. No. 18 in F Minor
19. No. 19 in E Flat Major
20. No. 20 in C Minor
21. No. 21 in B Flat Major
22. No. 22 in G Minor
23. No. 23 in F Major
24. No. 24 in D Minor

25. Prelude in C Sharp Minor, Op. 45
26. Prelude in A Flat Major, Op. Posth.
      (Presto con leggerezza)

Johannes Brahms
27. Intermezzo in B Minor
28. Intermezzo in E Minor
29. Intermezzo in C Major
30. Rhapsody in E Flat

Sergei Prokofiev
31. Waltz from "War and Peace"

Sergei Prokofiev
32. Contradance from "Lermontov"

Sergei Prokofiev
33. Mephisto Waltz from "Lermontov"

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