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Thelma Houston & Pressure Cooker
I've Got The Music In Me


It has been almost 30 years since Sheffield made “I've Got the Music In Me.”   It seems a bigger feat now than when we made it.   The original direct to disc release was out of print for over 15 years.   The CD release, made from the live to two-track masters, has also been out of print due to lost or damaged umatic digital tapes.   The analog two-track masters have also become unplayable.   We recently discovered a perfect umatic tape that allows us to offer this album again.   Certainly this recording deserves the archival abilities of Gold.   The instant acceptance of “I've Got the Music In Me” should have resulted in Sheffield following-up this exciting recording with another of similar energy, but Sheffield, at my urging, put their efforts into more purist audiophile fare.   In retrospect, that was the worst decision I ever made.   The unbridled energy and enthusiasm that we achieved in the unforgiving format of direct to disc recording is omuch more importance than the ninth degree of sonic purity.

We are proud to offer our most exciting recording once again.   - Doug Sax

1.   I've Got The Music In Me (vocal) (2:36)
2.   Reggae Tune (instrumental) (3:16)
3.   To Know You is to Love You (vocal) (3:50)
4.   Pressure Cooker (instrumental) (4:18)
5.   Don't Misunderstand (vocal) (3:14)
6.   Step in Time (instrumental) (3:18)
7.   Dish Rag (instrumental) (3:18)
8.   Got To Get You Into My Life /
      I've Got The Music In Me (instrumental) (4:12)


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