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LIM DXD 037 Cover LIM DXD 037
The Lost World

Michael Stearns & Friends, piano
LIM DXD 038 Cover LIM DXD 038
Jun Fukamachi At Steinway (take 2)

Jun Fukamachi, piano
LIM DXD 041 Cover LIM DXD 041
8 String Religion
David Darling
, cellos
The music is composed by the featured virtuoso cellist, David Darling, and beautifully played by him, with elegant support from other instruments developing heavenly harmonics.
FIM DXD 079 Cover FIM DXD 079
What a Wonderful Trio ! - Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, piano Hiroshi Kagawa, bass Toshio Osumi, drums
In the TBM catalog, I love best the albums done by the Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio.   His performance has captivated me so much that I vowed to record him if I was privileged with an opportunity to do so.
FIM DXD 080 Cover FIM DXD 080
Somewhere In Time
Steve Siu at the Steinway
Steve Siu's interpretation is unique and dramatic.   And although his style might not appeal to some serious classical music listeners, it certainly could capture the heart of many, in particular, in the audiophile community.
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GS DXD 001 Cover GS DXD 001
Top 12 in Gold Plus
Music that reounds in life
, saxophone
Various Artists
GS DXD 002 Cover GS DXD 002
The All Star Percussion Ensemble
Harold Faberman conductor & arranger
play Bizet, Beethoven, Pachelbel & Berlioz
GS DXD 003 Cover GS DXD 003
Teresa Teng Forever
Jeremy Monteiro
Orchestra Leader - Hsin Hsiao-Hung erhu
Dave Packer harmonica

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