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NMC D021S Cover Anthony POWERS (b. 1953)__________________NMC D021S
Anthony Powers & David Matthews       CD SINGLE

Anthony POWERS The Memory Room
David MATTHEWS Piano Sonata Op.47

William Howard, piano
'Howard's playing throughout the disc is, as you might imagine, faultless' The Musical Times
'I enjoyed encountering The Memory Room… veering unpredictably between moments of Lisztian sparkle, Beethoven-like muscularity, nightclub jazziness and private meditation… and David Matthews's Piano Sonata… knottily motivic and propulsively rhythmic' Classic CD
NMC D253 Cover Bernard RANDS (b. 1934)____________________NMC D253
Chains Like The Sea

Danza Petrifi cada • Cello Concero • Chains Like The Sea
Johannes Moser, cello • BBC Philharmonic Orchestra - Clark Rundell, conductor<
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NMC D241 Cover Colin RILEY ()____________________________NMC D241

Three Movements • Lyric Pieces • Shenanigans • As The Tender Twilight Covers
Tom Lessels, clarinet • Kate Halsall, piano/keyboard • Genevieve Wilkins, percussion • Nicola Summerscales, alto flute • Samantha Wickramasingh,e violin • Jessica Beeston, viola • Rebecca Hepplewhite, cello • Celine Saout, harp • Matthew Schellhorn, piano<
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NMC D021S Cover Jeremy Dale ROBERTS (b. 1934)_____________NMC D151
Trista • Croquis

The Kreutzer Quartet
Pete Sheppard Skærved, violin - Morgan Goff, viola
Neil Heyde, cello - Aaron Shorr, piano

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NMC D132 Cover Edwin ROXBURGH (b. 1937)__________________NMC D132
Reflets dans la glace: sound adventures for piano

Arabesques • Homage to Debussy • Introduction • Labyrinth • Les Miroirs de Miro • Piano Sonata • Prelude • Six Etudes • Toccata • Two Pieces • Reflets dans la glace
Waka Hasegawa and Joseph Tong • Thalia Myers • Hiroaki Takenouchi • Peter O'Hagan • Sally Mays • Karl Lutchmayer • George King • James Young, piano
NMC D119 Cover Edwin ROXBURGH (b. 1937)_________________NMC D119

Clarinet Concerto • Saturn
Linda Merrick, clarinet • Royal Northern College of Music Symphony Orchestra • Hertfordshire County Youth Orchestra • Peter Stork, Edwin Roxburgh, conductors
'Saturn is an epic orchestral and electronic space-scape, effortlessly blending Roxburgh's understanding of Boulez and Stockhausen with a Birtwistle-like sense of ritual. An orbiting soprano saxophone beams down ideas to an orchestral underlay dominated by clattering percussion and mind-expanding electronics; this is an extraordinarily ballsy mission undertaken by HCYO' The Wire
NMC D161 Cover Edwin ROXBURGH (b. 1937)_________________NMC D161
Solos and Duos

Soliloquy 3 (Sulki Yu, violin) • Flute Music with an Accompaniment (Michael Cox, flute; Nigel Clayton piano) • Soliloquy 2 (Dimitri Murrath, viola) • At the still point of the turning world (Edwin Roxburgh, oboe; Lawrence Casserley, electronics) • Soliloquy 4 (Marie McLeod, cello) • Aube: a ballet for dancer and percussion (Nicholas Reed, percussion) • Duologue for David (Hsin-Yun Huang & Dimitri Murrath, violas)
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NMC D146 Cover Edward RUSHTON (b. 1937)_________________NMC D146
The Shops a comic opera (libretto by Dagny Gioulami)

The Opera Group • Patrick Bailey, conductor • Darren Abrahams, tenor • Anna Dennis, soprano • Phyllis Cannan, contralto • Richard Burkhard, baritone • Louise Mott, mezzo-soprano • Paul Reeves, bass
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NMC D027S Cover Nicholas SACKMAN (b. 1950)________________NMC D027S
Hawthorn       CD SINGLE

BBC Symphony Orchestra • Andrew Davis, conductor
'A compelling musical argument: there are long, sinuous melodies, which worm their way out of the orchestral textures… massive threatening climaxes and a central slow movement of delicately coloured washes' The Guardian
'That elusive and unpackageable quality, integrity… you can hear it shining through in this beautifully paced, haunting evocation of a modern Yorkshire folk-tale' BBC Music Magazine
NMC D028S Cover David SAWER (b. 1961)____________________NMC D028S
Byrnan Wood       CD SINGLE

BBC Symphony Orchestra • Andrew Davis, conductor
'Sawer's writing is full of vivid ideas and crisp shapes; the whole piece has a machine-like inevitability about it that generates real physical excitement, and it is well caught in the BBC Symphony's performance under Andrew Davis' The Guardian
'This NMC recording makes available what turns out to be one of the best works premiered at the Proms this decade' BBC Music Magazine
NMC D020S Cover David SAWER (b. 1961)____________________NMC D020S
David Sawer & Vic Hoyland       CD SINGLE

David SAWER The Melancholy of Departure
Vic HOYLAND The Other Side of the Air

Rolf Hind, piano
'Rolf Hind's response [is] comprehensively sensual: grimly enduring vicious whiplash chords while stupendously in control of the most glassy pianissimos' The Musical Times
NMC D116 Cover David SAWER (b 1961)____________________NMC D116
From Morning to Midnight

From Morning to Midnight: Symphonic Suite • the greatest happiness principle • The Memory of Water • Tiroirs
BCMG • Susanna Malkki, conductor • BBC Symphony Orchestra • Martyn Brabbins, conductor
'Shows the unfailing originality and distinctiveness of everything David Sawer composes. The chamber orchestral Tiroirs is a sequence of razor-sharp images, each perfectly scored and imagined, and shuffled with a conjuror's virtuosity' The Guardian
NMC D251 Cover David SAWER (b 1961)____________________NMC D251

Rumpelstiltskin Suite • Cat's Eye • April/March • Between
Birmingham Contemporary Music Gropup (BCMG) • Martin Brabbins, conductor • Anne Denholm, harp
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