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NMC D195 Cover Ben FOSKETT (b. 1977)_____________________NMC D195

Five Night Pieces • Hornet II • From Trumpet • On From Four • Dinosaur • Cinq Chansons à Hurle-Vent
Hallé • Nicholas Collon conductor • Mark van de Wiel clarinet • London Sinfonietta • Geoffrey Paterson conductor • Psappha • Nicholas Kok conductor • Eric Lamb flute • Richard Uttley piano • Raphaële Kennedy soprano • Jean-François Becquaert soprano sax
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NMC D114 Cover Christopher FOX (b. 1955)____________________NMC D114
A Glimpse of Sion's Glory

American Choruses • Open the Gate • Rendered Account • The Missouri Harmony • A Glimpse of Sion's Glory
EXAUDI • James Weeks, director
'[A] marvellous disc… EXAUDI traverse the demands of this music with ease' BBC Music Magazine
'Music of genuine spontaneity, with an intimate frailty… EXAUDI's powerful performances under James Weeks together with excellent sound and notes give this innovative disc that tinge of real substance' Classical.Net
NMC D254 Cover Erika FOX (b. 1936)__________________________NMC D254

Paths Where The Mourners Tread • Una Cadenza • On Visiting Stravinsky's Grave at San Michele • Malinconia Militaire
Goldfield Ensemble • Richard Baker conductor • Richard Uttley piano
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NMC D172 Cover Dai FUJIKURA (b. 1977)_____________________NMC D172
Secret Forest

Secret Forest • Rubi(co)n • Phantom Pulse • Eternal Escape • Okeanos for sho, koto, oboe, clarinet and viola
Art Respirant, Ken Takaseki, conductor • Kate Romano, clarinet • Lucernr Percussion Group, Michel Vercutti, conductor • Adrian Bradbury, cello • Okeanos
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NMC D014 Cover Anthony GILBERT (b. 1934)___________________NMC D014
Anthony Gilbert & Bill Hopkins

Anthony GILBERT Nine or Ten Osannas
Bill HOPKINS En Attendant • Two Pomes • Pendant • Sensation
Music Projects London • Richard Bernas, conductor
'[An] immensely valuable recording… Performances of both composers' works are forthright and attractively immediate' BBC Music Magazine
NMC D068 Cover Anthony GILBERT (b. 1934)___________________NMC D068
Dream Carousels

Igorochki • Quartet of Beasts • Six of the Bestiary • Towards Asavari • Dream Carousels
John Turner, recorder • Peter Lawson, piano • Royal Northern College of Music New Ensemble and Wind Orchestra • Clark Rundell, Timothy Reynish, conductors
'These five works reveal Gilbert as a master of spacious textures and oscillating colour' The Observer
'With engaging performances and clear, crisp recordings, this disc serves Gilbert's couse admirably. Other companies please take note' Gramophone
NMC D105 Cover Anthony GILBERT (b. 1934)___________________NMC D105
On Beholding a Rainbow

…Into the gyre of a madder dance • Certain Lights Reflecting • On Beholding a Rainbow • Unrise
Anthony Marwood, violin • Susan Bickley, mezzo-soprano • BBC Symphony Orchestra • Royal Northern College of Music Symphony Orchestra and Wind Ensemble • Andrew Davis, Clark Rundell, Garry Walker, conductors
'A perfect introduction to a seriously undervalued composer' The Wire
'On Beholding a Rainbow is a piece of great lyircal beauty and one of the great violin concertos of the late 20th century' Music Web
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