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NMC D134 Cover Joe CUTLER (b. l968)_________________________NMC D134

Buckley's Hot Licks • Bartlebooth • Archie • In Praise of Dreams and other works
Fidelio Trio • Sarah Leonard, soprano • Stephen Gutman, piano
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NMC D246 Cover Joe CUTLER (b. l968)_________________________NMC D246

Elsewhereness • McNulty • For Frederic Lagnau • Akhmatova Fragments • Sikorski B • Karembeu's Guide to Complete Defensive Midfielder
Sarah Leonard soprano • Project Instrumental • Daniele Rosina conductor • Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Symphony Orchestra • Mirga Grazinytè-Tyla conductor • Fidelio Trio • Workers Union Ensemble • Noszferatu • mulsion Sinfonietta feat. Iain Ballamy sax
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NMC D176 Cover Tansy DAVIES (b. l973)_______________________NMC D176

Iris • Static • Dark Ground • Loure • Falling Angel • This Love • make black white • Loopholes and Lynchins • spine
BCMG • Azalea / Christopher Austin, conductor • Concordia • Samuel Boden, tenor • Joby Burgess, percussion • Simon Haram, saxophone • Darragh Morgan, violin • Huw Watkins, piano
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NMC D089 Cover Chris DENCH (b. 1953)_______________________NMC D089

driftglass • 'e/meth • funk • ik(s)land[s] • ruins within • the blinding access of the grace of flesh
ELISION • Deborah Kayser, mezzo-soprano
'A series of intricate highly complex scores that seemed to be carrying on the tradition that composers such as Ferneyhough had established out of the wreckage of total serialism' The Guardian
NMC D133 Cover Donnacha DENNEHY (b. 1970)________________NMC D133
Elastic Harmonic

Glamour Sleeper • Junk Box Fraud • Paddy • Elastic Harmonic • pAt • Streetwalker
Joanna MacGregor, piano • Darragh Morgan, violin • Tatiana Koleva, percussion • Crash Ensemble • ensemble Integrates • RTE National Symphony Orchestra • Gavin Maloney, conductor
'… the leading voice of the Dublin new music scene, Donnacha Dennehy has a soundworld all of his own' Wire
'Dennehy likes to imbue his pieces with an urban energy and drive them with the punchy import of a rock band' Irish Times
NMC D091 Cover James DILLON (b. 1950)____________________NMC D091
The Book of Elements       2 CD Set

Noriko Kawai, piano
'The book teems with subtle cross-references, like the sudden reappearance in the lost volume of the amazingly Debussion gesture that launched the whole cycle. There are other echoes, too, from Schumann, Bartok, even folk music and rock. It adds up to something rich, strange and utterly riveting. The recording is beautifully fine-grained and warm, and the performances from Noriko Kawai have just the right combination of cat-like energy and delicate inwardness' BBC Music Magazine
NMC D004 Cover James DILLON (b. 1950)___________________NMC D004
East 11th St NY 10003

La femme invisible • East 11th St NY 10003 • Windows and Canopies
Music Projects London • Richard Bernas, conductor
'To hear this carnality in an orchestra is almost shocking. So much western classical use of orchestral colour has been manipulalive or representational, it is wonderful to hear it step out on its own. Breathtaking' The Wire
NMC D131 Cover James DILLON (b. 1950)____________________NMC D131
The Soadie Waste

Traumwerk Book III • Black/Nebulae • Del Cuarto Elemento • Dillug Kefitsah • The Soadie Waste
Irvine Arditti, violin • Arditti Quartet • Noriko Kawai, Hiroaki Tokenouchi, pianos
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NMC D233 Cover Johnathan DOVE (b. 1959)____________________NMC D233
A Brief History of Creation

A Brief History of Creation • Gaia Theory
BBC Symphony Orchestra • Josep Pons conductor • Hallé Children's Choir • Hallé • Sir Mark Elder conductor
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