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K2 HD022 Cover LIM K2HD 022
Pepe Romero
, guitar
Chano Lobato
, cante - Maria Magdalena, dancer - Paco Romero, dancer
K2 HD023 Cover LIM K2HD 023
Falla: El Amor Bruju
The New York Philharmonia Orchestra
Frühbeck De Burgos
, conducting
K2 HD024 Cover LIM K2HD 024
Tchaikovsky: Highlights from Swan Lake
L'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande
Ernest Ansermet
, conducting
K2 HD025 Cover LIM K2HD 025
Cantate Domino
Oscar's Motet Choir
Torsten Nilsson
, conducting - Alf Linder, organ - Marianne Mellnäs, soprano
K2 HD026 Cover LIM K2HD 026
Antiphony Blues
Arne Domnérus
, saxophone
Gustaf Sjökvist, organ
K2 HD027 Cover LIM K2HD 027
Now The Green Blade Riseth
The Stockholm Cathedral Choir
Gustaf Sjökvist & Anders Eby
, conducting - Gustaf Sjökvist, organ
K2 HD028 Cover LIM K2HD 028
Jazz at the Pawnshop
Arne Domnerus
alto sax & clarinet - Bengt Hallberg - piano
Lars Erstrannd, vibes - Georg Riedel, bass - Egil Johansen, drums
K2 HD030 Cover LIM K2HD 030
John Kaizan Neptune
Arakawa Band
K2 HD031 Cover LIM K2HD 031
Happy Coat
Shota Osabe Piano Trio

Shota Osabe, piano - Ray Brown, bass - Harold Jones, drums
K2 HD032 Cover LIM K2HD 032
We Get Requests
The Oscar Peterson Trio

Oscar Peterson, piano - Ray Brown, bass - Ed Thigpen, drums
K2 HD033 Cover LIM K2HD 033
Master of Chinese Percussion
Kim Hok-Man

K2 HD034Cover LIM K2HD 034
Dances of Old Vienna
Boskovsky Ensemble

Willi Boskovsky violin & direction
K2 HD035Cover LIM K2HD 035
Richard Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra
Los Angeles Philharmonis

Zubin Mehta conductor
K2 HD036Cover LIM K2HD 036
Getz / Gilberto
Stan Getz, Joao Gilberto

featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim
K2 HD040 Cover LIM K2HD 040
Ariel Ramirez: Missa Criolla
José Carreras
, tenor Arial Ramirez, piano
Domingo Cura, Jorge Padin, percussion - Arsenio Zambrano, charango
Lalo Gutierrez, guitar - Raúl Barbaroza, accordion
K2 HD042 Cover LIM K2HD 042
Ballad With Luv
Salena Jones

Among the more than forty albums Salena Jones has produced over a period of some forty years, I love this one best, for the simple reason that her voice and artistic maturity are at their tip-top prime. - Winston Ma (CEO FIM)
K2 HD043 Cover LIM K2HD 043
Romantic Russia
London Symphony Orchestra, Georg Solti
I have always appreciated Sir Georg Solti's conducting, and have had the fortune of attending several of his concerts. - Winston Ma (CEO FIM)
K2 HD076 Cover LIM K2HD 076
Red Cliff Capriccio
Wei Li
, guzheng solo
This is the first Chinese recording to be processed with the K2 HD technology.   In addition, it is a special compilation of the masterpieces of Maestro Wei Li, representing his thirty years of artistry as a virtuoso guzheng performer, composer, and arranger.
K2 HD077 Cover LIM K2HD 077
River of Sorrow: Immortal Chinese Instrumentals
Hui Fen MIN erhu - Wei LI guzheng - Michelle LI yang qin
Members of the British Columbia Chinese Music Orchestra
K2 HD078 Cover LIM K2HD 078
This is the K2 HD Sound !
Various Artists

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