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Just Like Love Cover
Sara K.

Horse I Used To Ride
Live in 2001

SFR 357.9003.2

Audiophile CD

Sara K.: “In April of 2001, we rolled in to Sülbeck.   It was the end of a three week solo tour and I was scheduled to play the ‘Gasthaus Zum Esel’   The Esel is a renovated barn house which holds around 200 people.   I was warmly greeted by Jorg and Birgit, the owners.   They introduced me to the soundman, Günter Pauler.   We became a team and proceeded to have an unusual sound check.   He actually showed an interest in my four string guitar.   After a good brief mix Günter asked me if he might record the concert and I agreed.

I returned to the Esel that evening.   It was to be a full house.   The audience was enthusiastic and welcoming.   Günter introduced me to his assistant, Hans-Jörg.   For the first time on a tour I took requests from the audience and it was a great gig with a standing ovation and many new friends, including Manfred, a luthier who only a year later would build me my first authentic four string guitar.

After the show, Günter asked if I would like to come see his studio the following day.   I was expecting a small, in-house studio and had no idea what was to come.   The studio was an elaborate state of the art room located in a remodeled medieval cellar, once inhabited by monks.   A long story put short, I was very impressed and realized that GŁnter was not only a soundman but producer, as well.   As I was leaving he said he would like to record me someday and we bid our farewells.

After arriving back home in the states I received a recording of the concert from Günter.   Added to nearly five songs in the mix was a guitar player who sounded exciting and promising.   That guitar player was Chris Jones.   I immediately responded to Günter that I would love to record with him.”

1. Stop Those Bells     4:19
2. Trust Somebody     5:18
3. He Got You *     3:08
4. What's A Little More Rain *     5:11
5. Horse I Used To Ride     4:38
6. Ivory Cage     2:34
7. Gipsy Eyes     4:18
  8. Turned My Upside Down *     5:27
  9. What Matters *     3:56
10. Burning Both Ends *     5:39
11. If You Close That Door     3:44
12. After There Is A Blizzard     5:15
13. Like A Rolling Stone     9:30
      * with Chris Jones

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