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Sara K - Water Falls cover


SFR 357.8025.1

Direct Cut Metal Master 180 gram 45rpm 2-LP

Direct-to-disc has been, and still is, the biggest challenge in audiophile music production.   Unforgettable are the works of Sheffield Lab, Jeton and courageous cutting engineers like Stan Ricker, who out-maxed the technical possibilities of that time by provocative back-cutting.

It's rather mysterious as to how things have turned out for me.   I was a kid in Texas sitting on a fire hydrant watching the cars go by in 1963.   Up to that point life was mostly about canned laughter on t.v. and watching the cars go by.   I wanted to be a singer.   Nobody took it all too serious.   Music was something you did for a hobby.   And sang in church or long car rides.   My dad had a deep bass voice......   My mom went to work but still sang in the choir.........   My brother played guitar in a 'combo'.   My sister left a guitar behind that was missing some strings and I needed something to sing with.   That's where the 4 string guitar technique comes from.   All in all, there wasn't much encouragement coming from home and I needed to find out what was going on.   I graduated and moved out.
Sara k. March, 2002

  1. Chatanooga Choo Choo (Russian) *     1:24
  2. Running Away From You     4:40
  3. Turning My Upside Down     4:24

  1. The Painter     3:33
  2. Water Falls     2:41
  3. (Would You) Break My Heart     3:43

  1. Step On Mine     3:26
  2. Destination     4:10
  3. All Your Love (Turned To Passion)     5:16

  1. In The Fall (Maggies Dream)     4:34
  2. Blind-Hearted     5:20
  3. Anymore     4:45

All songs by Sara K except * Warren & Gordon

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