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180gram Direct Metal Master Audiophile LP
SFR 357.8017.2

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For this second volume of Allan Taylor's ‘In the Groove’ music, he has chosen quality music with which to sit back and relax.   His song “A Giant Red Balloon” makes its premiere on this release.

“Over the last few years it has been gratifying to know that so many people are interested in our vinyl releases.   Perhaps it's not surprising, as the quality of the production is, as always, excellent, and a testament to the skill of our team.   I have chosen these particular tracks mainly because I know that those of you who play the vinyl records usually play them on superb sound systems, and therefore appreciate the quality.”

“So, pour a glass of wine, put the record on the deck, relax and enjoy.” - Allan Taylor

About “A Giant Red Balloon” which makes its premier on this album.   “This song is (a) metaphor for chance and adventure.   Too many people live their lives with their head down - not looking up - so they never see the red balloon that is always there - but one has to search for it.   And when you see the red balloon, take hold of the rope that hangs from it and let it lift you off the ground and you'll see the world.” - Allan Taylor

Allan Taylor, vocals, guitar
Chris Jones, guitar
Martin Huch, dobro
Barnaby Taylor, piano
Lutz Moller, hammond B3, piano, keyboard
Beo Brockhausen, soprano saxophone, bowed psaltery
Hans-Jorg Maucksch, fretless bass
Grischka Zepf, electric bass
Chrstina Lux, backing vocals
Vlado Kreslin, vocal
Gottinger Symphonie Orchester
Side A:
1. Let The Music Flow
2. A Road Too Long
3. A Giant Red Balloon
4. Down The Years I Travelled… (Orchestral)
Side B:
1. I Followed Her Into The West
2. Frenchtown (Live)
3. Scotty
4. Win Or Lose (Orchestral)
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