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Stockfisch Records SFR 357.7062.2 Cover
Allan Taylor

Live in Belgium

SFR 357.7062.2

Blu-ray Video Disc with High-rez Audio + DVD Video

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On Friday 13th July 2007 I traveled to Belgium from Italy where I had played a concert for Folkest, a music festival organized by Andrea del Favero.   The concert was open-air in a beauti-ful castle in Udine (Castello de Udine).   When I arrived at Brussels airport, Patrick Ferryn (the director), met me and we drove to the venue, The Felix Sohie Centrum in Hoeilaart, where the evening concert was to be held.

Normally when making a live CD or a film one records a few concerts and then edits together the best parts from them all.   We only had one night so there was a lot of pressure to get it right, and I think we did.   From the technical point of view, this film has been filmed and edited to the highest specification possible.   I played no part in this; the credit goes to Patrick and Michel in Belgium and Günter, Sarah, Ines and Hans-Jorg in Germany.

Allan Taylor, May 2009

01. Brighton Beach
02. The Stranger
03. Running On Dreams
04. The Traveller
05. The Morning Lies Heavy
06. The Veteran
07. Back Home
08. Win Or Lose
09. Los Compañeros
10. Colour To The Moon
11. The Beat Hotel
12. Crazy Amsterdam
13. Kerouac's Dream
14. Some Dreams
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