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Old Friends - New Roads Cover

Dennis Kolen, Shane Alexander, Eugene Ruffolo

SFR 357.6075.2

I first met Dennis Kolen a few years back, when a mutual friend Sjaak Sekeris sent me a song of his and asked me to check him out, assuring me that we were “coming from the same musical place.”   Dennis later came and sat in at a show of mine, and afterwards we started talking. We spoke about the possibility of recording something together for Günter at Stockfisch, where we had both made solo recordings.   Last year Dennis wrote and told me about his friend Shane Alexander, and sent me some links.   Why not record together?   Günter loved the idea.   I dug Shane's sound and told him I was in.   So we emailed, schemed and coordinated schedules.   Dennis was coming from Holland, Shane from LA, and I from New York City.

Shane and I met for the first time in an airport in Frankfurt, and by the time we had reached Northeim, we had a plan (well, not really - but it sounds good).   The reality is, there was no master plan.   For the next 7 days the three of us met every morning for breakfast and then hit the studio.   We would choose a tune, run it down a few times, and then hit “record.”   Each song was recorded basically live, the three of us playing together.   It was a challenge and a thrill.   During that week, I ended each day more and more impressed by the skill and artistry of my two new band-mates.   They are both amazing artists with whom I am honored to be working.   This project was a joy and it's our supreme pleasure to share it with you.   Enjoy.

Eugene Ruffolo, November 2011.

01. All The Lonely Times (Dennis Kolen)     3:07
02. If I Could (Eugene Ruffolo)     2:34
03. Rainbow’s Gold (Shane Alexander)     3:53
04. Ghosts From My Past (Dennis Kolen)     4:21
05. On An Afternoon Much Like Today (Eugene Ruffolo)     4:55
06. Nowhere Fast (Shane Alexander/J Silver)     3:28
07. I’ve Lived Here So Long (Denis Kolen)     4:31
08. Lost Road (Shane Alexander)     4:13
09. If It’s Feeling Fine (Eugene Ruffolo)     3:29
10. Tell Me Why (Neil Young)     2:51
        total time     37:21
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