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Don't I know you from somewhere? Cover
Sara K
Solo & Live

Don't I know you from somewhere?

SFR 357.6055.2

Sara K.ís voice and her four-string guitar!

Sara K. was invited by the German radio station mdr (Mittrldeutsher Rundfunk) to play a radio concert in Leipzig, the famous city in Saxonia, where Joh. Sebastian Bach lived and worked.

On Novemeber 8th, 2007 she performed a convincing solo concert, which Günter Pauler had been asked to record for broadcast.   As everybody was so happy with this performance, Stockfisch-Records decided to release this concert on CD.

  1. Introduction
  2. Donít I Know You From Somewhere?
  3. When I Didnít Care
  4. Stop Those Bells
  5. After Thereís A Blizzard
  6. Sizzliní
  7. Gypsy Eyes
  8. What You Donít Know
  9. Aura of the Blade
10. Fish Outta Water
11. I Couldnít Change Your Mind
12. Man-Child
13. Burniní Both Ends
14. Whatís A Little More Rain
15. If I Could Sing Your Blues

       total playing time     59:35
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