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Old Friends - New Roads Cover
Allan Taylor

Old Friends - New Roads

SFR 357.6047.2

This is a collection of songs from deleted albums and CDs.   I still sing some of these songs and I have been asked on many occasions if I would consider re-recording them.   It is for this reason that I've taken this journey back to the roads I travelled all those years ago.   It is a strange experience to go back to the early days of one's life on the road and re-live the times through the songs. It's like meeting up with old friends.

So it was with some nostalgia, some regret and yet with great pleasure that I worked on the songs again.     Allan Taylor, 2007

  1. Chimes At Midnight     4:06
  2. For An Old Friend     3:21
  3. Urban Love Song     4:33
  4. The Meadow     4:13
  5. Homestate     3:49
  6. The Morning Lies Heavy     3:23
  7. Syracuse And Albany     3:04
  8. Now You Know     2:41
  9. Let Me Be     3:28
10. Flower In The Snow     2:44
11. Like I Used To Do     3:56
12. Lady Take Your Time     3:48

All songs, words and music by Allan Taylor

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