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SFR 357.6037.2 Cover
Ewen Carruthers

When Time Turns Around

SFR 357.6037.2

Ewan Carruthers is sometimes called a “musicians' musician,” and by that described as a musician, whose genius is admired by his colleagues in the highest degree.   Maybe his art has formed the style of a whole musical genre, but due to unknown reasons he has not yet found mass appeal and popularity.   Ewen Carruthers is a singer/songwriter of this caliber.   This new album “When Time Turns Around” is the latest release from the Stockfisch label.   This fine CD could and should relieve Carruthers from his status as being the all-time secret of the Inner Circle of folk music.

  1. When Time Turns Around     4:47
  2. Pierre-August Renoir     4:50
  3. The Amber Room     5:19
  4. In Your Studio     3:51
  5. Skeleton Crew     4:47
  6. China Traveller     2:59
  7. Rubenstein Remembers     4:06
  8. One More Story
  9. The Message
10. Talkin' Tequila
11. Paris
12. Lewis And Clark
All songs written by Ewan Carruthers

      Total Time: 50:02

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