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David Munyon

Seven Leaves in a Blue Bowl of Water

SFR 357.6033.2

David Munyon continues to write the book of singer/songwriting.   Admired by all artists of this kind and by everybody who is captured by his charismatic songs.

David Munyon requested that these tracks be accompanied by the Stockfisch “house” musicians - Chris Jones, Mike Silver, Hans-Jörg Maucksch, Beo Brockhausen, to name just a few.   The resulting two CDs (including “More Songs For Planet Earth”) are continuing chapters of Davidīs life as a singer/songwriter.

David Munyon vocals, guitar     Chris Jones guitars
Martin Huch pedal-steel, dobro     Mike Silver backing vocal
Steve Baker blues harmonica     Thomas Klippel hammond b3
Hans-Jörg Maucksch bass
Beo Brockhausen accordion, bamboo bass-flute, sitar, tinwhistle, gu-zheng, soprano saxophone, percussion

  1. Bahnhof Tanz     6:38
  2. Amer Stocking     4:15
  3. Men with No Friends     4:55
  4. Words of Love     5:16
  5. Unknown Blues     5:56
  6. The O.K. Corral     5:21
  7. Neat Shoes     6:07
  8. Louisiana     3:01
  9. Pork Chop Song     4:44
10. I Wish I Was in Ireland     4:42
11. Bastian     6:25
12. Strawberries an' Wild Honey     5:43
13. With any Luck at All     4:54

      Total Time: 67:59

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