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Hotels & Dreamers Cover
David Munyon

More Songs for Planet Earth

SFR 357.6032.2

“Munyon's voice is one you will instantly recognize, it is unique, his guitar/vocal songs are unique, and I have noticed that in the last five years, he has been the most frequent singer in my stereo system.   I rank Munyon as one of the top 10 singer-songwriters in the US.   God knows how difficult it is to describe greatness, or to explain it, I can just say he's a great singer, or how good are his lyrics, and you won't understand until you listen.”
Moshe Benarroch.

David Munyon vocals, guitar     Chris Jones guitar, dobro
Martin Huch pedal-steel     Mike Silver backing vocal
Steve Baker blues harmonica     Thomas Klippel hammond b3
Hans-Jörg Maucksch bass
Beo Brockhausen accordion, didgeridoo, e-bow, sitar, tinwhistle, mandola, jew's harp, percussion

  1. WTVY 95.5-FM, Dothan, AL     0:29
  2. The Changes Always Win     6:20
  3. Malcomb Wood     6:07
  4. Blue and Grey     7:48
  5. Lookin' at the Rain     4:22
  6. Maureen O'Hara     4:52
  7. I Am a Ramblin' Man     5:22
  8. Praying for the Yankees     6:13
  9. I Couldn't Stay     5:33
10. Norwegian Blue Mysterious Ocean     4:24
11. Tune for Vishnu     5:29
12. Four Wild Horses     4:38
13. At the End of the River     5:31

      Total Time: 67:10

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