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SFR 357.6031.2 Cover
David Roth

Pearl Diver

SFR 357.6031.2

David Roth was born in Chicago and lives on Cape Cod - a domicile for musicians and artists, a slightly different America.   He has already released 6 CDs in the US - for his Stockfisch debut, he made his way to the Stockfisch studio in Northeim, Germany and recorded 12 wonderful songs and one instrumental piece.   An outstanding album - intelligent, poetic and very emotional.

“David Roth, a powerful new singer-songwriter has reached our hearts.   With voices like his still singing, there's a certainty that the candle will remain lit, the hope reasserted and the dream still sung…” - Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary)

“David writes and sings songs with a devastating combination of heartfelt wisdom and incisive wit.   In my eyes he sets a new 'contemporary singer/songwriter' standard for the rest of us to aspire to, and it's a standard that is very, very high…” - Christine Lavin

  1. Before I Die     3:18
  2. Bake Sale     4:53
  3. Rising In Love     2:47
  4. Pearl Diver     4:01
  5. John and Josie     6:29
  6. The Jordan Waltz     3:33
  7. Vincent *     5:08
  8. Mother's Day Card     5:13
  9. That Kind of Grace **     5:35
10. St. Blasien Breath     1:27
11. Flage of Hope     6:38
12. Some Kind of Heroe     4:06
13. Lullaby     3:44
All songs by David Roth except * Don McLean
and ** Anne Hills & David Roth

      Total Time: 57:14

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