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SFR 357.6029.2 Cover
Paul Stephenson
These Days

SFR 357.6029.2

The singer-songwriter from Durham, England, now living in France, presents his second CD “These Days.”   All those who - two years ago - felt like struck by lightning by Stephenson's first CD “Light Green Ball” (SFR 357.6023.2) will find again so many things which are easy to love - the Beatles, James Taylor, being head over heels in love on a glorious spring day.

How does the sensitive Englishman's song-writing work?   Stephenson takes stories he has lived through himself or has been told by others, and poeticizes his material into a finely woven texture so appealing that one feels like singing along with Paul on first listening to his songs.

  1. These Days     3:59
  2. Engineering Frank     4:11
  3. Not Long Now     4:52
  4. Don't Mind If You Do     3:40
  5. Captain Of The Loving Kind     3:45
  6. Ready To Rain     4:29
  7. The Making of Zachary     4:28
  8. Millionaire     3:59
  9. Perfect Place     3:27
10. Love You Not, Love You True     2:36
11. Big Meeting Day     3:54
      All songs written by Paul Stephenson

      Total Time: 43:28

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