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Roadhouses & Automobiles Cover
Mike Silver
Solid Silver

SFR 357.6026.2

Mike Silver - vocals, acoustic guitar, highstrung guitar
Beo Brockhausen - soprano saxophone, accordion, sitar, sarod, kantele, steel drum, tin whistle
Martin Hutch - hollow neck dobro     Chris Jones - acoustic guitar
Hans-Jörg Maucksch - fretless bass     Nils Tuxen - pedal steel
Grischka Zepf - electric bass     Christian Struck - cor anglais
Christina Lux & Mike Silver - backing vocals

Being able to play music is like having my birthday every day.   Anytime you step onto a stage it is a special occasion.   The largest crowd I have ever played for was 9000 people in Denmark at the Mid Fyn Festival (still tiny by many artist's standards) but the number of the audience is irrelevant, 1000 people, 100 or 10, the situation is still the same.   For me, making that work means sharing my emotions, hopefully opening theirs in the process.   Then, sometimes, there is that frisson that ripples through them in the very few seconds between the end of the song and the beginning of their applause: it's like an earthquake in your heart.  
Mike Silver
  1. REACHING OUT FOR LOVE       4:21
  2. NOT A MATTER OF PRIDE       4:20
  4. LOVE'S ANOTHER COLOUR       3:29
  5. LEAVING SONG       5:54
  6. SEPIA SUNSET (Kodachrome Children)       5:12
  7. ARMY & NAVY       4:44
  9. ANGEL IN DEEP SHADOW       4:51
10. ELAINA       6:16
11. LET IT BE SO       4:18
12. NOTHING TO DO WITH ME       2:27
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