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Just Like Love Cover

the slender thread

SFR 357.4088.2

Hybrid Stereo / Multichannel SACD

Once upon a time there was a singer from a far-off country who was fair of face and sang with the voice of an angel.   Her name was Newcomer, although she possessed a rich store of artistic experience.   The master troubadours of Stockfisch heard of this wonderful songstress, and because in a fairy-tale nothing is impossible, they waved their wands and whisked her over the wide, wide ocean to ultimately land in the fabled acoustic cavern of Northeim.   There they enhanced her golden voice with lutes, flutes and other fabulous instruments …

The wonderful thing is: this is not a fairy tale, or more correctly, for the poets, dreamers, and connoisseurs (actually for all of us), this is a fairy-tale come true!   With its warm, catchy tunes and mellow, autumnal glow, The Slender Thread, Newcomer's debut album on Stockfisch, can easily become a habit …

One can't help getting the impression - Carrie Newcomer has a gift for happiness.   For the artist herself, incidentally, her songs are old friends they stand for her friendship with life, people and not least with music.   The Slender Thread beckons with the promise of a good friend in the making - or perhaps a whole group of good friends in these songs and melodies that are sure to get stuck in your head.

Despite all harmony - more reflective themes are touched upon too.   But in such a way that her gift of happiness is contagious: it rubs off on us too!

Carrie Newcomer - lead and harmony vocals, acoustic guitar
Gary Walters - piano, marimba
Ian Melrose - guitar, percussion
Jean Kelly - Irish harp
Lutz Möller - keyboards
Jens Kommnick - tin-whistle, ocarina, mandola
Manfred Leuchter - accordion
Beo Brockhausen - hang
Lea Morris - backing vocals
Sven von Samson - percussion
Hans-Jörg Maucksch - fretless bass

Guitars - Jeff Traugott BK, Lowden L25, Taylor 914 CE / Grand Piano - Fazioli F228
  1. I Believe     4:31
  2. There is a Tree     4:42
  3. Geodes     3:33
  4. The Slender Thread     3:33
  5. Cedar Rapids 10 AM     3:39
  6. If Not Now     3:51
  7. Sparrow     3:00
  8. The Wind Does Not Understand Glass     3:53
  9. Longing     3:52
10. The Gathering of Spirits     3:56
11. Haunted     3:08
12. The Weight of Water     4:11
13. Bare to the Bone     3:58

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