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Stockfisch Records SFR 357.4064.2 Cover
Paul O'Brien

Walk Back Home

SFR 357.4064.2

Stereo Hybrid SACD

The likes of Paul O'Brien, the British artist of Irish stock has covered a remarkable musical waterfront.   Now he has reached Stockfisch.   O'Brien is a courageous man.   And it takes courage to leave everything behind and start a new life on Canada's most western shores - a life in which music was initially no longer meant to play a vital part.

But an artist cannot get away from art easily.   What does that mean?   Paul O'Brien will tell you in “He Can Dance,” a song about an artist who can dream and dance.

Dream and dance can change reality, they can transcend it - just like faith (“Romero”, a song about a bishop who changed his world).   This song features a children's choir.   Up-tempo songs begin and end a performance offering an eclectic best of folk, country and jazz.

Paul O'Brien vocal & guitar
Uli Kringler guitar, tremolo guitar, dobro, piano, charrango, percussion
Lea Morris backing vocals ~ Hrólfur Vagnsson accordion
Annika Lückebergfeld mandolin ~ Lucile Chaubard Violoncello
Martin Großkurth hammond organ ~ Lars Hansen upright bass
Hans-Jörg Maucksch: fretless bass
Elián, Noah, Julen, Rubén, Samuel children's choir
01. SACRED LINE     4:07
02. BERLIN AT 5     4:34
03. AMERICAN CAR     5:04
04. WALK BACK HOME     4:38
05. MADRONA     5:13
06. ROMERO     5:07
07. LIGHT THE WAY     4:17
08. HE CAN DANCE     4:34
09. WITHOUT A TRACE     4:16
10. MISTY MOUNTAIN     4:03
11. THE FINEST THREAD     4:10
12. ANNIVERSARY DAY     3:26

       Total Time     53:38
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