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The Silver Swan cover
Orlando Gibbons
The Silver Swan

The Spirit of GAMBO
Claron McFadden soprano
Aleksandra Anisimowicz soprano

SFR 357.4061.2

Stereo / Multichannel Hybrid SACD

This very exciting Stockfisch production was recorded in the Doopsgezinde Kerk, Haarlem (NL), which is world famous for his special acoustics.   Therefore we recorded the Gibbons sessions using a surround mikrophone setup.   So we can offer besides the CD-Hybrid-Layer (16bit) also an DSD-stereo-mix and a 4.0 multichannel-mix zu hören.   The 28 page booklet contains very detailed informations of early baroque music, the composer and historically informed performance.

Orlando Gibbons (1583 - 1625) was one of the most important and highly regarded musicians of his days, both as a performer on keyboard instruments and as a composer, particularly of polyphonic vocal music.   The greater part of Gibbons' output is sacred vocal music intended for practical use in prestigious places.   In addition to services, he wrote a vast number of anthems, both full and verse, in many of which a consort of viols was required to provide an independent accompaniment.   His output of secular vocal music was small compared to that for the church, and his only book of madrigals was published in 1612.   Gibbons' polyphonic madrigal style is nearer to his instrumental fantasias, but several of the compositions would appear to be solo songs with viol accompaniment, e.g. the famous song “The silver swan.”

Freek Borstrap viola da gamba
Ivanka Neeleman viola da gamba
Haru Kitaminka harpsichord
Judith Freise violin

  1. What is our life     4'52

  2. i. Fair ladies that to love captive are     4'16
      ii. Mongst thousands good

  3. Fair is the rose     3'00

  4. Dainty fine bird     2'00

  5. Now each flowery bank of May     3'16

  6. Lais now old, that est attempting lass     2'23

  7. i. How art thou thral'd     5'01
      ii Farewell all joys

  8. The silver swan     4'52

  9. i. Nay let me weep     7'57
      ii. Ne'er let the sun with his deceiving light
      iii. Yet if that age had frosted over his head

10. Ah, dear heart why do you rise?     1'29

11. Trust not t much fair youth untothy feature     3.07

12. O, that the learned poets of this time     2'25

13. i. I weigh not fortune's frown nor smile     9'42
      ii. I tremble not at noise of war
      iii. I see ambition never pleased
      iv. I fain not friendship where I hate

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