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In a Different Light Cover
Eugene Ruffolo

In a Different Light

SFR 357.4044.2

Hybrid Stereo / Multichannel SACD

It's amazing what a year can bring.   Twelve months ago, I was a stranger to Günter Pauler and his fabulous audiophile label Stockfisch Records.   But the world is an increasingly small place, and fate was leading me his way.   My manager Eiko had been looking for a home for my last recording.   He called Bruno Kallmeier, a colleague in Germany.   Bruno knew of Stockfish and it's impeccable reputation for pristine and top quality acoustic recordings.   He sent along some of my music, and Günter's reaction was enthusiastic.   He loved the songs, but had a different vision for them.   Before long we were in contact and after a series of emails and finally a phone conversation (remember them?), the plan was in motion.   We would make a new record.

Eugene Ruffolo

Eugene Ruffolo: vocal & guitar
John Jennings: guitar, dobro
Martin Huch: dobro, pedal steel, electric sitar guitar
Lutz Möller: piano
Ecki Hüdepohl: hammond b3
Christian Struck: cor anglais, hammond b3
Beo Brockhausen: swarmandal, glockenspiel
Siard de Jong: violin, viola, mandolin, bouzouki
Christina Lux: backing vocals
Nici Jukic: backing vocals
Hilko Schomerus: percussion
Jean-Philippe Wadle: upright bass
Hans-Jörg Maucksch: fretless & electric bass
  1. LOVE CAN BE THAT WAY     3:30
  3. IRREPLACEABLE     3:37
  4. ELMO'S SONG     1:42
  5. RUN TO YOU     2:46
  6. THE RIGHT THING     3:35
  7. POOR LONESOME ME     2:56
  8. ONE MORE MYSTERY     4:25
  9. THE HILLS OF SICILY *     4:06
10. THE SAME KIND WORDS     3:45
11. FOR A LOOK AT YOU     4:10
12. NO COMMON FUTURE     4:26
13. WHEN WE WERE KINGS     3:48
14. BEYOND LOVE     3:46
All songs written by Eugene Ruffolo, except * written by Eugene Ruffolo & Artie Traum
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