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SFR 357.1022.2 cover
“Eine halbe Ewigkeit”
“half an eternity”

Werner Lämmerhirt

SFR 357.1022.2

His instrumental prowess and songwriting talent extended far beyond the boundaries of the Folk-Scene.   His playing was a tour-de-force, combining Folk, Swing and Blues in Werner's trademark style – powerful and rhythmic, but at the same time relaxed, almost playful.   In his 45 years ‘on the road’, Werner was always enthusiastically received by a generation-spanning audience.   And Werner had a formative influence on thousands of guitarists!

Some time ago, Werner thought of slowing down his life on stage and recording his maybe last album.   No one could have guessed that it suddenly became sad reality.   At first we met in the studio at longer intervals.   This is how wonderful songs were recorded many of them joined by guitarist friends of Werner.

When Werner's life-threatening illness broke out, we began to work more and more intensively.   One of his last great wishes was to hear the final mixes.   We made it - together - and he was so happy.
Günter Pauler - Stockfisch Records

Werner Lämmerhirt - vocal & guitar / Peter Finger - guitar / Biber Herrmann - guitar /
Jens Kommnick - guitar, tin-whistle, uilleann pipes / Joscho Stephan - guitar /
Manfred Leuchter - accordion / Beo Brockhausen - soprano saxophone /
Hans-Jörg Maucksch - fretless bass
01. Laura     4:26
02. Rastlose Seele     4;46
03. Dominotag     5:30
04. Wie der Hase so läuft     5:37
05. Das Leben Kann so einfach sein     4:21
06. Halt mich fest     3:44
07. Gründe genug     4:41
08. Nur (Ungereimtes)     3:51
09. Fast eie neu     2:57
10. Hektik     3:10
11. Die Ballade von der armen Sau     6:23
12. Immer nach Süden     5:19

      Total time     56:17
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