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NMC D070 Cover Hugh WOOD (b. 1932)_____________________________NMC D070

Scenes from Comus • Symphony Geraldine McGreevy, soprano • Daniel Norman, tenor • BBC Symphony Orchestra • Sir Andrew Davis, conductor
'One of the outstanding British symphonies of the last century' BBC Music Magazine
'Davis and his forces are strongly committed to Wood's studies in passion and discipline… strongly recommended' Gramophone
'One of the finest issues on this label' International Record Review
NMC D082 Cover Hugh WOOD (b. 1932)_____________________________NMC D082
Violin Concerto       ANCORA

Cello Concerto • Violin Concerto
Manoug Parikian, violin • Moray Welsh, cello • Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra • David Atherton, conductor
'The recordings sound as vivid and clear as they did in 1978… good to have them back' BBC Music Magazine
'The concertos still sound fresh a quarter of a century later… this is powerful music, beautifully performed' The Independent on Sunday
NMC D201 Cover Hugh WOOD (b. 1932)_____________________________NMC D201
Wild Cyclamen

Wild Cyclamen • Laurie Lee Songs • DH Lawrence Songs • The Isles of Greece
Clare McCaldin mezzo-soprano • James Gilchrist tenor • Roderick Williams baritone • Iain Burnside piano • Simon Lepper piano
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NMC D044 Cover James WOOD (b. 1953)___________________________NMC D044
Two Men Meet

Phainomena • Two Men Meet, Each Presuming the Other to be from a Distant Planet • Venancio Mbande Talking With The Trees
Steven Schick, Kuniko Kato, percussion • Critical Band • New London Chamber Choir • James Wood, conductor
'James Wood is less well-known and appreciated as a composer than he should be… this is music driven by pulse and colour and illuminated from time to time by shafts of tellingly placed melody, often microtonally inflected' BBC Music Magazine
'James Wood is an all-round musical explorer of a philosophical cost of mind yet with on ardent Messiaen-like sensibility … each piece is an ambitious synthesis of music and the world' The Sunday Times
NMC D223 Cover James WOOD ___________________________________NMC D223
Cloud Polyphonies & Tongues of Fire

Cloud Polyphonies • Tongues of Fire
MDR Leipzig Radio Choir • Ear Massage Percussion Quartet • James Wood conductor • Yale Percussion Group • Robert Van Sice director
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NMC D071 Cover John WOOLRICH (b. 1954)________________________NMC D071
The Ghost in the Machine

Oboe Concerto • The Barber's Timepiece • The Ghost in the Machine • Viola Concerto
Nicholas Daniel, oboe • Lars Anders Tomter, viola • BBC Symphony Orchestra • Martyn Brabbins, conductor
'A strong and individual voice in music of real substance. The fine soloists bring the concertos vividly to life' Gramophone
'The best entry point yet into the understated and often intriguing world of Woolrich' International Record Review
NMC D029 Cover John WOOLRICH (b. 1954)________________________NMC D029
Lending Wings

A Farewell • Berceuse • Black Riddle • Darlington Doubles • Lending Wings • Spalanzani's Daughter • The Death of King Renaud Mary Wiegold, soprano • Composers Ensemble • Diego Masson, conductor
'This excellently recorded disc is a good introduction to the music of an English composer who is at last beginning to receive the attention he deserves… There is much pleasure to be gained from these polished performances of a well balanced programme' Gramophone
'Woolrich's music draws the listener into a soundworld which, within self-imposed limits, is sparkling and brilliant' Classic CD
NMC D144 Cover Michael ZEV GORDON (b. 1963)___________________NMC D144
On Memory

On Memory • Berceuse • Far Away • High Ground • Crystal Clear • Laid Bare • Touch
Andrew Zolinsky, piano
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