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NMC D014 Cover Bill HOPKINS (1943-1981)_____________________NMC D014
Bill Hopkins & Anthony Gilbert

Bill HOPKINS En Attendant • Two Pomes • Pendant • Sensation
Anthony GILBERT Nine or Ten Osannas

Music Projects London • Richard Bernas, conductor
'This immensely valuable recording now gives at least an inkling of the considerable composer that was lost to British music at the ridiculously early age of 37 … Performances of both composers' works are forthright and attractively immediate' BBC Music Magazine
NMC D219 Cover Emily HOWARD (b. 1979)______________________NMC D219
Magnetite • Threnos • Mesmerism • Levithan • Solar • Afference
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Andrew Gourlay • Lucy Goggard, mezzo-soprano & Simon Whitley, bass • scapegot • Elias String Quartet
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NMC D020 Cover Vic HOYLAND (b. 1945)_______________________NMC D020S
Vic Hoyland & David Sawer       CD SINGLE

ViC HOYLAND The Other Side of the Air
David SAWER The Melancholy of Departure

Rolf Hind, piano
'Rolf Hind's response [is] comprehensively sensual: grimly enduring vicious whiplash chords while stupendously in control of the most glassy pianissimos' The Musical Times
NMC D072 Cover Vic HOYLAND (b. 1945)_______________________NMC D072
In Transit

Vixen • In Transit
BBC Symphony Orchestra • Martyn Brabbins, conductor
'Joyous and ecstatic and searching and evanescent by turns… primitive energy conveyed with the crushing face of a musical juggernaut' BBC Music Magazine
'Perhaps Britain's most uncompromising label, NMC brings two major orchestral works from Vic Hoyland… impressive writing and fascinating listening' The Observer
NMC D048 Cover Minna KEAL (1909-1999)______________________NMC D048S
Cello Concerto       CD SINGLE

Ballade • Cello Concerto
Alexander Baillie, cello • Martina Baillie, piano • BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra • Martyn Brabbins, conductor
'Her 22-minute Cello Concerto (1988-94) is a superb achievement, tautly crafted, terse in its distinctive Anglo-European idiom, yet with an emotional charge that becomes increasingly apparent' The Sunday Times
NMC D179 Cover Rob KEELEY (b. 1960) _________________________NMC D179
Songs, Chimes and Dances

Music for Art and Tom • Bells of Halkis • Little Trio • Two Ways of Looking at a Spider • Trio for Horn, Violin and Piano • Songs, Chimes & Dances • Oregon Moods
Melinda Maxwell, oboe • Richard Watkins, horn • Andrew Sparling, clarinet • Tim Holmes, saxophone • Jonathan Leathwood, guitar • Rob Keeley, piano •Darragh Morgan, violin • Robin Michael, cello • Mary Dullea, piano
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NMC D178 Cover Oliver KNUSSEN (b. 1952)______________________NMC D178
Choral Op.8 • Autumnal Op. 14 • Whitman Settings Op.25 • Secret Psalm • Prayer Bell Sketch Op.29 • Violin Concerto Op.30 • Requiem - Songs For Sue Op.33 • Ophelia's Last Dance Op.32
Claire Booth, soprano • BCMG • Oliver Knussen, conductor • Leila Josefowicz, violin • BBC Symphony Orchestra • Alexandra Wood, violin • Huw Watkins, piano • Ryan Wigglesworth, piano
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NMC D175 Cover Oliver KNUSSEN (b. 1952)______________________NMC D175
Sympony Nos. 2 & 3
Sympony No. 3 • Trumpets for soprano and 3 clarinets • Ophelia Dances, Book 1 • Coursing for chamber orchestra • Cantata for oboe and string trio • Symphony No. 2 for soprano and chamber orchestra
London Sinfonietta / Oliver Knussen • Philharmonia Orchestra / Michael Tilson Thomas • Elaine Barry • Linda Hirst • sopranos • The Nash Ensemble • Michael Collins • Edward Pillinger • Ian Mitchell, clarinets
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NMC D026 Cover John LAMBERT (1926-1995)___________________NMC D026
The Music of John Lambert

Family Affairs • Meditations • Second String Quartet • Slide • Toccata • Tread Softly…
Sounds Positive • David Sutton-Anderson, conductor
'There's some remarkable music here… Thanks to NMC's pioneering efforts, much little-known music of this quality has been rescued from serious neglect' The Wire
'I have neglected an important talent. So have the record companies… It has been left to NMC to bring his music to a wider audience. I hope it proves a successful venture' Classic CD
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