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recording distinctive jazz for the listener and for the art itself

Founded in 1998 by Richard McDonnell, MAXJAZZ is dedicated to the presentation and celebration of America's only original art form.   McDonnell's personal and professional passion for jazz spans several decades.   And that passion is backed by a consummate commitment and expertise as reflected in a host of polished compact discs featuring stellar performers and state-of-the-art sound quality.

Each recording is a product of warmth, precision and meticulous attention to detail.   Sound is mastered to perfection.   Track selection and editing is a delicate and diligent collaboration of artist, engineer and producer - no short cuts that diminish quality are acceptable.   Both live and studio discs are available.   Only the most accomplished and creative performers are considered by MAXJAZZ.   Even so, you can expect to discover emerging genius while retaining the comfort of seasoned veterans on the label.

MAXJAZZ has already seen its vision blossom with a selection of outstanding jazz artists for your listening pleasure.   But there is so much more in the offing.   There is jazz for the novice, the aficionado or the totally addicted.   The many facets include the time-worn tenets of Be Bop, the ubiquitous romantic vocals, the sassy swing sets and the innovative, yet intimate, electronic escapades. jazz for romance, therapy, adventure and/or pure enjoyment - MAXJAZZ has it.

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