girl like me


MCR 5208

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This project took nearly three years to complete. Along the way there were many magic moments, and personal discoveries.   I guess that is the reason I make these records.  

There is a group of producers/musicians who engineered and produced tracks that were brought together by final producer Ned Mann and me.   Anthony Robustelli (keys, clavinet, guitar, background vocals) arranged and recorded Oleander and I Like Your Face.   We worked hard and fast and I really dug his focus thanks, Anthony.   Producer Billy Masters deserves special thanks for the hours and attention he gave to many tracks originally recorded at his Breasley studios in our sleepy town of Port Chester.   The song Violet was an attempt on my part to tip my hat to two of my childhood inspirations James Taylor, and Joni Mitchell.   Billy worked tirelessly with me, pulling the acoustic guitar arrangement from my head in a session I'll never forget.   He added his signature ambient electric guitar sound and enlisted his longtime friend Mike Visceglia to create the beautiful bass line.   Thank you, Billy.   Thanks as well to Manfred Kroop for those super live sessions recorded at your Paramus, NJ studio, and all of the confidence that you gave me early on.   Thank you to Scott Noll for engineering those two days of very special live sessions.

By summer, 2001, I knew I had to release some new music and Girl Like Me was not completed.   I did a very groovy little live recording with a four piece, simply titled “Live.”   While mastering that record at Ned Mann's studio, I realized quickly that I had found the perfect producer to help me to finally complete this studio project.   Thank you Ned for being the producer and musician that you are.   Ned introduced me to one of his favorite musicians and co producers, his talented brother, sax man, David Mann (keys, sax, flute).   Thank you David I loved it anytime you joined us in the studio.  These are (some of) the folks that made the music with me.   My heartfelt thanks extend to all of them.

Thank you everyone for supporting independent music through the purchase of this release. KJ

  1. Silence Was Deafening       4:28
  2. Oleander       4:58
  3. Little Mary       4:22
  4. Violet       4:32
  5. Girl Like Me       4:19
  6. She Loves You       4:31
  7. How Many Ways       3:51
  8. I Like Your Face       4:35
  9. Red July Prelude       3:04
10. Red July       4:05
11. Message In A Bottle       5:02
12. Oh Susannah       4:05

All words and music by K.J. Denhert, except:
  5: lyrics K.J. Denhert, music J. Levy
  6: Lennon McCartney
10: K.J. Denhert, K. Polian
11: Sting

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