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K2 HD022 Cover FIM SACD 031
Oh! That Stradivarius
Linda Rosenthal, violin, Lisa Bergman, piano, Bill Cunliff, piano, Anthony Wilson, guitar, Darek Oles, bass and Peter Donald, drums   A live direct DSD recording in Hybrid SACD format
Largo from the Four Seasons • Romance from the Magic Bow (Paganini) • Variations on the Carnival of Venice • Theme from Limelight and Taraís • Theme from Gone with the Wind • La Paloma • Romanian Rhapsody • Serenade • Sabre Dance • Gavotte • The Strenuous Life • Ritual Fire Dance • Hungarian Dance • On Wings of Song

SACD M 034 Cover FIM SACD M 034     Double Stereo/Multichannel-Surround
Jazz At The Pawnshop
Arne Domnerus, alto sax & clarinet; Bengt Hallberg, piano;
Lars Erstrand, vibes; Georg Riedel, bass; Egil Johansen, drums

SACD 038 cover FIM SACD 038
The Artistry Of Linda Rosenthal
Linda Rosenthal, violin
Hora Staccato • Csardas • Banjo and Fiddle • Fiddler on the Roof …

SACD 041 Cover FIM SACD M 041     Stereo/Multichannel-Surround
The Artistry of Teresa Perez
Teresa Perez, cello; Harold Farberman, conducting The All-Star Percussion Ensemble; Tim Gor-man, conducting the Tim Gorman Ensemble; Tim Janis conducting the Tim Janis Ensemble
An analogue to DSD Mastering in hybrid stereo, multi-channel SACD format
Stereo: Sweet Sounds • Schubert Song • Up a Lazy River • Summertime • The Last Rose of Summer • When will You Come again? • The Water is Wide • The Swan • Loverís Tear • Farewell • Intermezzo • Shenandoah • Fantasia on Greensleeves
Surround: The Last Rose of Summer • When will You Come again? • Rachmaninoffís Variation on a Theme of Paganini • The Swan • Loverís Tear • The Bee • Shanandoah • Fantasia on Greensleeves

SACD M042 Cover FIM SACD M 042     Stereo/Multichannel-Surround
Autumn Moon Over A Placid Lake
A live Direct-to-two-track DSD recording in hybrid stereo, multi-channel SACD format.

A Nugget of Gold • Birds Returning to the Forest • Chain of Rings • The Beautiful Girl Yang Cui Xi • Tears of the Crimson Candle • Erhu Impromptu Ė Transcendence • Variation on "Parting of Two Lovers" • Flower's Tears • Zhaojunís Grievance • A Flute Lullaby • Autumn Moon over a Placid Lake • Toll of the Temple • Meandering Water and Floating Clouds

SACD 049 Cover FIM SACD 049
Hush! The Angels Are Singing
A legendary recording re-mastered into SACD format!

Marias Veggsang • Han AR Fudd • Santa Lucia • Stilla Natt • and 23 more beautiful choral works.
"A new reference for choral recording" - Audioland
"Performance 10; sound 10; music 10" - Positive Feedback

SACD 050 Cover FIM SACD 050
Antiphone Blues
Arne Domnerus, Saxophone • Gustaf Sjokvist, Organ
A legendary recording re-mastered into SACD format!
Traumerei • Sometimes I Feel I like a Motherless Child • Nobody Knows the Trouble I have seen • Antiphone Blues • Jag Vet En Dejlig Rosa • Entonight Kilingar Den Lilia Klockan • Heaven • Come Sunday • Den Signade Dog • Almighty God • Largo • The Shepherd • Hymn to Freedom • Dedication • Tonight I shall Sleep
"Best of the Year,1998" - Audiophile

SACD 051 Cover FIM SACD M 051
A Time For Us
Alexander Warenberg & His Orchestra
It is a gorgeous multi-channel SACD format with beautiful string orchestration, perfect for a romantic evening.
A Time for Us • Old Melody • O Mio Babbino Caro • Clarinet Concerto • Maria; Angelique • Once upon a Time in America • Smile • Spartacu • Schindlerís List • Adagio

SACD 054 Cover FIM SACD M 054     Stereo/Multichannel-Surround
The Legend Of Guqin
Shan Kiu, guqin & vocal ~ Daya Academy ~ Nai-chung Kuan, composer & conductor
Taichi Concerto For Guqin & Piano • Hairpin Phoenix • Guangling Episode • The First Passage of Hu Jia • Flowing Water • Moon over Mountain Pass • Triple Thematic Statement of 'Plum Blossoms • The Ninth Passage of Hu Jia • Singing Plum
Nominated for 'Horizon Award' - Best Multi-channel Recording, 2004, SMA

SACD 055 Cover FIM SACD 055
Smooth Jazz Festival
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio: Theme from Spartacus • Misty
Jeremy Monteiro Trio: Falling in Love with Love • Besame Mucho • Deep Purple
Yuri Honing: Somewhere over the Rainbow
John Whitney: Charade • The Trout • Sunrise in Seattle
Teresa Perez with John Whitney: Sweet Sound

SACD 060 Cover FIM SACD 060
Autumn Yearning Fantasia
Wei LI, guzheng; Fei SONG, erhu; Lucas WONG, piano, Members of B.C. Chinese Orchestra, Canada
Autumn Yearning Fantasia • Warbling on a Desolate Mountain • Moonlight over the Spring • The Grapes are Ripe • Variations on Yang Pass • Flower or Not • Miss Qinliang LIU • Colorful Clouds Sailing towards the Moon • Autumn Moon over Han Palace • Variations on River Of Sorrow • Flight of the Bumblebee
Selected as a demonstration reference for the Seminar "The New Realism" - Audio Engineering Society Convention, 2003

SACD 061 Cover FIM SACD 061
Mr. Wonderful
Ayako Hosokawa, vocal, with orchestra
Wrap your Troubles in Dreams • Misty • Our Love is here to Stay • My Foolish Heart • Bridge over Troubled Water • When You Smile • Mr. Wonderful • Feel Like Makin' Love • The Lady is a Tramp

SACD 063 Cover FIM SACD M 063
The Gossamer Song
Hui Fen MIN, erhu, Xiao Fen Min, Blue Pipa Ensemble
Spring Has Come • Parting at Yang Guan • Poetry of Spring • Xiao Yao Jing • The Gossamer Song • Singing at Leisure • Embroidery • Lake Hong Capriccio • Song of Mihu

SACD 075 Cover FIM SACD 075
Michael Gold sings beloved favorites for you

Too young • Memories are made of this • South of the Border • Send me the Pillow that You Dream on • Kiss • Canít Help Falling in Love with You • When a Child is Born • You Belong to Me • For Sentimental Reasons (I Love You) • You are my Sunshine • Welcome to my World • Love me Tender • Buona Sera

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