digital music products, inc.

To cater for the era in digital playback systems, DMP produced the most accurate recordings that technology allows.   Their goal has always been to bring you the music as it was originally performed, in its truest form.   We believe that technology is not yet capable of reproducing a live music experience.   However, we are getting closer and we do believe that surround sound is the medium by which live sound will be realised.

DMP has produced Hybrid Super Audio Compact Discs (SACD) in full surround sound format.   When played on an appropriate sound system, these discs produce six full frequency channels as well as conventional 2-channel stereo.   Surround Sound, when properly recorded and mixed, can envelop you, giving a feeling of being immersed in a sound field.   Music takes on a three dimensional quality while the walls in your listening room seem to open up creating the ambience of a live performance.   Because these SACDs are all produced in the Hybrid format they also produce superb stereo when played on any existing CD player.

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DMP & DMP DEBUT are distributed in Australia by Rockian Trading