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Programming: Rare works by major composers, balanced with familiar masterpieces. Or, the best music of respected composers of our own day and gifted, if lesser-known, names from the past. Almost all releases contain world premiere recordings.

“CALA has an uncanny knack of searching out original scores before publishers and agents have managed to get their hands on them.” - THE AGE

Artists: We work exclusively with orchestras of the highest rank, and find virtuoso soloists who are ardent advocates of their repertoire.

“Rich, passionate tone, dead-true intonation throughout, and virtuosity galore: we should be hearing much more of Stephanie Chase.” - GRAMOPHONE

Sound quality: The CALA sound is as much a human achievement as a technological one.

“The sound is magniflcent-coherent and natural in the best manner of true, unamplified music. The microphone placement is exactly right to capture the total live experience. I would go so far as to say the sound is amongst the finest I have ever heard.” - THE SENSIBLE SOUND

Presentation: The care taken with the design, art-work and programme notes mirrors the attention paid to the music itself.

“Excellent notations, and superior art from early masters to contemporary painters and photographers.” - NEWHOUSE

The CALA credo: Each record must be a complete experience.

“This is a most stimulating pair of discs.” - PENGUIN GUIDE TO COMPACT DISCS

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