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Mélisande McNabney, harpsichord

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Like the 17th century French harpsichordists before her, Mélisande McNabney draws on the musical universe during the time of Louis XIV and Louis XV.   Inspired by song, the lute, the viola da gamba, and even the complete orchestra, harpsichordists of this era aimed to reproduce these sounds in their compositions and transcriptions.   Like her predecessors, Melisande McNabney performs transcriptions for harpsichord.

The award-winning Mélisande McNabney plays keyboard music of all periods, on harpsichord, piano and fortepiano.   In August 2015 she received third prize at the International Competition Musica Antiqua in Bruges, Belgium.   Ms McNabney is a graduate of the Amsterdam Conservatory, where she studied harpsichord, continuo and fortepiano with Bob van Asperen and Richard Egarr.   She was granted her Doctorate at McGill University in May 2017, under the guidance of Hank Knox and Tom Beghin, thanks to the support of the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program.

Very active on the concert scene, Mélisande McNabney has appeared in solo recitals on such series as Clavecin en concert and Série Jacques-Dansereau.   She is regularly invited to play with ensembles such as Les Violons du Roy, Arion Orchestre Baroque, Les Idées heureuses, the Theatre of Early Music, and Ensemble Caprice.   She is a member of Pallade Musica and Ensemble Les Songes, with whom she has toured Canada and the USA.   Ms McNabney has received scholarships from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Banff Centre, the FQRSC and the CALQ.

Suite en do majeur, extraite des Pièces manuscrites
  1. Prélude, D'Anglebert     1:10
  2. Allemande du Vieux Gautier ‘La Vestemponad’     2:27
  3. Courante du Vieux Gautier ‘La Superbe’     1:27
  4. Sarabande, Mézangeot     2:34
  5. Gigue du Vieux Gaultier ‘La Cloche’:     1:40
  6. Chaconne du Vieux Gaultier 3:02

      Transcription de Jean-Baptiste-Antoine Forqueray (1699-1782)
      Cinquième suite en do mineur, extraits (pub. 1749)
  7. La Rameau     3:21
  8. La Guignon     5:27
  9. La Léon     4:04
10. La Boisson     4:34
11. La Sylva     6:14
12. Jupiter     3:53

      Transcription de Mélisande McNabneyn
13. Tendre amour, extrait des Indes Galantes     3:00
14. Air de la Folie, extrait de Platée     4:04

      Extrait de Nouvelles Suites de pièces de clavecin (c. 1729-1730)
15. Sarabande en la majeur     3:23

16. Prélude en ré mineur     4:34
17. Tombeau de Mr de Chambonnières     6:31
18. Passacaille D'Armide (Lully)     5:27

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