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Chansons d’amour d’Acadie et de France
Love Songs from Acadia and France

Chœur Louisbourg
Skye Consort
Monique Richard, direction

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Monique Richard is Department Head in the Faculty of Music at the Université de Moncton, and a professor of music education.   She is renowned as conductor of several notable New Brunswick choirs, including the Department of Music mass choir, the opera workshop orchestra and chorus, the celebrated women's chorus Chorale Beauséjour, and the professional Chœur Louisbourg.

New Brunswick's Louisbourg Choir presents an original and exceptional recording of Acadian folksongs about love.   The program is drawn from the collections Chansons folkloriques d'Acadie-La fleur du rosier and Chansons d'Acadie Collection, with a cappella motets by Jacotin Le Bel (c.1495 - c.1556).   This French Renaissance composer drew ideas and inspiration from popular tunes and folksongs of his era.

Chansons d'amour d'Acadie et de France also features the Skye Consort performing Acadian folksongs that Seán Dagher has arranged for the early instrument ensemble: Alex Kehler (violin, nykelharpa), Seán Dagher (cittern), Amanda Keesmaat (cello), and Pierre-Alexandre Saint-Yves (recorder, chalumeau, and rauchpfeife).

Founded in 2006, the Louisbourg Choir, under the direction of Monique Richard, has quickly become established in New Brunswick’s cultural landscape.   While the Louisbourg Choir has distinguished itself by specializing in early music, it also occasionally embraces other musical periods.   The choir has worked with renowned conductors such as the late Christopher Jackson, Alexander Weimann, Denis Gautheyrie, and more recently, Andrew McAnerney.

  1. Suite acadienne, no 1
  2. Plus aurore que le jour
  3. Écrivez-moi
  4. Suite acadienne, no 2
  5. Dans la ville de Paris
  6. Le moine Simon
  7. L'avent du reel Acadien
  8. Belle rivière
  9. Le 31 du mois d’août
10. Jacotin Le bel : N'auray-je jamais réconfort
11. Aupres de vous
12. Interlude
13. Si bon amour
14. D'ung coup mortel
15. Interlude
16. Mary je songay
17. Moy qui ne feiz
18. De trop penser
19. Interlude
20. A Paris a troys fillettes
21. Le voulez-vous
22. J'ay mes amours
23. Je changeray
24. Interlude

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