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A pastoral opera by Paolo Lorenzani

Le Nouvel Opéra
Les Boréades de Montréal, Francis Colpron

Suzie LeBlanc (Filli) | Pascale Beaudin (Clori)
Philippe Gagné (Lidio) | Nils Brown (Nicandro)
Dominic Côté (Eurillo) | Jean-Marc Salzmann (Fileno)

ACD2 2770

Libretto by Philippe Julien Mancini.

Nicandro and Fileno, two old friends who are seeking a last chance at happiness, propose that each marries the other's daughter, that Nicandro's daughter Filli marry Fileno, and Fileno's daughter Clori marry Nicandro.   The girls, however, make excuses to refuse their fathers' wishes, for both are in love with the fickle and frivolous Lidio.   Eurillo, on the other hand, is dying of love for Filli.   After a series of mix-ups, Nicandro and Fileno finally realize that their plan was just a selfish fantasy.   Filli, meanwhile, marries Lidio, and Eurillo transfers his love to Clori.   E tutto è bene quel che finisce bene!   (All's well that ends well)


Le Nouvel Opéra and Les Boréades de Montréal have assembled an exceptional group of artists for the first-ever recording of Nicandro e Fileno, a pastoral opera by Paolo Lorenzani (1640-1713) first performed in 1681 before Louis XIV at the palace of Fontainebleau.

The manuscript is conserved in the Bibliothèque nationale in Paris.   Canadian musicologist Albert La France prepared the critical edition of Nicandro e Fileno for the Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles.   Thanks to the initiative of Suzie LeBlanc and Francis Colpron, this opera was restored to life for this recording and for the 2017 performance in Montreal, with stage direction by Marie-Nathalie Lacoursière.

Le Nouvel Opéra is dedicated to the revival of the first operas of the Baroque period.   Intergrating music, dance and theatre in its productions, the company has been praised for its originality and historical expertise in Canada and abroad.   Its first CD, La Conversione di Clodoveo by Antonio Caldara, was released on the ATMA Classique label.

The ensemble Les Boréades was founded in 1991 by Francis Colpron, and specializes in performing Baroque repertoire with an approach that is authentic both in terms of period performance practice and the use of period instruments.

  1. Ouverture (premier air de la fin du 3° acte d'Amadi's de Lully) 3:11
  2. Che cura molesta! [Nicandro, Fileno] 8:13
  3. ARIA: Guida mi pure Amor [Filli] 2:27
  4. Vagha Ninfa dei cori [Eurillo, Filli] 5:78

  5. ARIA: Nel mio core amante [Lidio] 2:33
  6. ARIA: Alma mia godi, e festeggia [Clori] 7:37
  7. Eco l'infido [Filli, Lidio, Clori] 3:38
  8. ARIA: Amor! se nel tuo regno [Filli] 2:38
  9. ARIA: Con inviti lusinghieri [Filli] 4:07
10. ARIA: Porto in seno un Mongibello [Eurillo, Filli adormentata] 4:28
TI. ARIA: Cieli, che leggè e questa? [Eurillo] 2:04

12. E cosi và Nicandro [Nicandro, Fileno] 3:27
13. ARIA: Benche doppio stral mi punga [Lidio] 7:22
14. Filli è l'anima mia [Lidio, Clori] 7:23
15. lo per Lidio parlerò [Filli, Clori, Lidio] 3:73
16. Fermati ingrato amante / Aria: Lassa che far degg'io [Clori] 8:46
17. Alternate i suoni, e i canti [Lidio, Filli e coro dei pastori] 2:56
18. Chaconne (extrait de la Chaconne d'Amadis de Lully) 4:07

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