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Krisztina Szabó, mezzo-soprano ~ Andréa Tyniec, violin ~ Florie Valiquette, soprano
Queen of Puddings Music Theatre Vocal Ensemble - Dáirine Ní Mheadhra
Ensemble contemporain de Montréal - Véronique Lacroix, direction

ACD2 2762
ATMA Classique presents an evocative musical portrait of Canadian composer Ana Sokolovi&caute;.   This new recording features the Ensemble contemporain de Montréal, soprano Florie Valiquette, mezzo-soprano Krisztina Szabó, and vocal ensemble Queen of Puddings Music Theatre.   The human voice is at the heart of Sokolović's work, so that it is fitting that her vocal works Sirens, Tanzer Lieder and Pesma are featured on this ATMA debut recording.   Evta, a concerto for violin and ensemble, is included and features Andréa Tyniec as soloist.

An important figure in contemporary music, Ana Sokolović has distinguished herself in Canada and internationally.   She is known for many prestigious collaborations with Canadian orchestras, leading artists on the international music scene, and several Quebec chamber music ensembles.

SokoloviĆ's lyric works have won over the hearts of audiences around the world.   Her prolific repertoire is steeped in her Serbian roots and reflects the influence of different art forms.   The force of Sokolović's imagination moves through her music, highlighting the universal, theatrical character of her compositions.

A leading Canadian chamber orchestra, the Ensemble contemporain de Montréal (ECM+) has premiered more than 260 works since its founding in 1987.   In residence at the Conservatoire de Montréal since 1998, the ECM+ has released 11 recordings, two of which are dedicated to composer Ana Sokolović.   The ECM+ regularly participates in international festivals, including Cervantino (Mexico), Montreal/New Music (MNM), the Ottawa Chamberfest and ISCM World New Music Days, and more recently the Ars Musica festival in Belgium.

• Krisztina Szabó is highly sought after as an artist of supreme musicianship and stagecraft.   She has a passion and commitment to the performance of contemporary music, particularly Canadian works, and has worked closely with many prominent Canadian composers.

• Known for her “exceptional assurance, musicality, and intensity” (La Presse), Andréa Tyniec pursues a career both as a soloist and a collaborator in multidisciplinary productions integrating theatre, dance, cinema, and the visual arts.

• “An imaginative and committed soprano with ravishing high notes,” ( La Libre Belgique), Florie Valiquette is a Canadian singer on the rise.   In 2015, Florie attracted attention at the Festival d'Aix-en-Provence singing the role of Milica in the new production of Svadba, an opera by Ana Sokolović

(Née en 1968 / b. 1968)

  1. Sirènes / Sirens [9:10]
      Six voix pour sirènes / Six voices for sirens
      pour six voix a cappella / for 6 a cappella voices

      Tanzer Lieder
      pour soprano, flûte, piccolo, violoncelle et piano
      for soprano, flute, piccolo, cello, and piano
  2. I. Sur une étoile[3:32]
  3. II. Stimmen[2:00]
  4. III. Dezember[3:50]
  5. IV. Wishing well[2:12]
  6. V. Last Song[4:59]

      pour mezzo, flûte, piccolo, deux clarinettes, piano, violon, alto et violoncelle
      for mezzo, flute, piccolo, two clarinets, piano, violin, viola, and cello
  7. I. Pesma[3:29]
  8. II Ughniyya[3:12]
  9. III. Chanson[3:11]
10. IV. Bironda[2:47]
11. V. Lagu [3:18]

12. Evta (26:17)
      Concerto pour violon et ensemble
      Concerto for violin and ensemble

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