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Nigel North, lute
Les Voix humaines

Mélisande Corriveau, treble viol | Felix Deak, tenor viol
Susie Napper, bass viol | Margaret Little, bass viol
Rafael Sánchez, bass viol

ACD2 2761
British lutenist Nigel North joins viol consort Les Voix humaines for Lachrimæ, a new recording of John Dowland's 1604 compositions set for lute and viols.   Passionate pavans, galiards, and almands evoke the tears referred to in the title.

Replete with many musical effects, dissonances and suspensions, the same melancholic subjects reappear throughout Dowland's compositions: the agonies of the soul, night, and darkness.   This “tear” motif first appeared in the pavan Lachrimæ for lute and served as the basis for seven “passionate” pavans in the 1604 collection recorded on this new album.

In 2006, Mélisande Corriveau and Felix Deak joined the duo Les Voix humaines Susie Napper and Margaret Little to explore the vast repertoire for four viols.   For this recording, Les Voix humaines Consort has the pleasure of making music with Nigel North and Mexican gambist, Rafael Sánchez, with whom they have concertized over the past few years.

Born in London, England, Nigel North has been Professor of Lute, at the Early Music Institute, Indiana University, Bloomington (USA) since 1999.   North's recordings include a four CD boxed set “Bach on the Lute,” four CDs of the lute music of John Dowland, and a new series of music by Sylvius Weiss and Francesco da Milano.

1. Captaine Piper his Galiard
2. Lachrimæ Antiquæ
3. Coranto Were every thought an eye
4. The Earle of Essex Galiard
5. Lachrimæ Antiquæ Novæ
6. M. Henry Noell his Galiard
7. Lachrimæ Gementes
8. M. John Langtons Pavan
9. M. George Whitehead his Almand
10. Lachrimæ Tristes
11. Dowland’s Adew for Master Oliver Cromwell
12. Lachrimæ Coactæ
13. Lachrimæ Pavan
14. Galiard to Lachrimæ
15. Lachrimæ Amantis
16. Sir John Souch his Galiard
17. Lachrimæ Veræ

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