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Dario Castello, Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli, Johann Heinrich Schmelzer,
Richardo Rogniono, Angelo Berardi, Angelo Notari, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Giovanni Bassano

Vincent Lauzer, recorder
Mark Edwards, harpsichord, organ

ACD2 2637

• Vincent Lauzer presents Passaggi, his debut recording on the ATMA Clasique label, featuring Italian music for recorder from the 16th and 17th centuries by Bassano, Frescobaldi, and Castello, among many others.   Lauzer was named Révélation Radio-Canada for 2013-2014 and Discovery of the Year at the Opus Prize gala event in 2012.

• In 2012, Vincent Lauzer won the First Prize during the Stepping Stone of the Canada Music Competition and the Career Development Award from the Women's Musical Club of Toronto.   He has also won several first prizes in regional and provincial competitions including the Grand Prize, in 2008 and 2009, of the Canada Music Competition in the 19 to 30 years old category.

• Since winning first prize at the 2012 Musica Antiqua Bruges International Harpsichord Competition, Canadian harpsichordist and organist Mark Edwards has quickly earned recognition for his captivating performances, bringing the listener “to new and unpredictable regions, using all of the resources of his instrument, […] of his virtuosity, and of his imagination” (La Libre Belgique).

Dario Castello (v.1590-v.1630)
  1 - Sonata seconda a sopran solo

Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli (v.1620-1669)
  2 - Sonate opus 3 n° 4, « La Castella »

Johann Heinrich Schmelzer (v.1620-1680)
  3 - Sonata seconda

Richardo Rogniono (v.1555-v.1620)
  4 - Diminutions sur le madrigal Ancor che co'l partire de Cipriano da Rore

Angelo Berardi (v.1636-1694)
  5 - Canzona opus 7 n° 6

Angelo Notari (1566-1663)
  6 - Canzona Passaggiata

Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583-1643)
  7 - Cento Partite sopra passacagli (Prima parte)

Giovanni Bassano (1558-1617)
  8 - Diminutions sur la chanson Susanne un jour de Roland de Lassus

Girolamo Frescobaldi
  9 - Cento Partite sopra passacagli (Seconda parte)

Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli
10 - Sonate opus 4 n° 1, « La Bernabea »

Johann Heinrich Schmelzer
11 - Sonata quarta

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