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Nicola Porpora:

Karina Gauvin, soprano
Il Complesso Barocco
Alan Curtis
, director

ACD2 2590
    Her glinting soprano, bright-edged yet deliciously rounded and sensual, is used with rare understanding for character …
        Sunday Times - February 2009
• With her enchanting voice, profound musicality, and extraordinary vocal range, the Canadian soprano Karina Gauvin has been seducing audiences and critics around the world.   Following the immense success of her CD Handel Arias, she returns with a new recording of arias, most never recorded, from the operas of Nicola Porpora (1686-1768).   The prestigious Italian Baroque orchestra Il Complesso Barocco under the direction of Alan Curtis, accompanies Madame Gauvin on this recording, which was produced in Italy.

• Founded in Amsterdam in 1979 by Alan Curtis - one of the most acclaimed specialists in the interpretation of pre-romantic music - Il Complesso Barocco has become a renowned international baroque orchestra with a focus on Italian baroque opera and oratorio.   Their high standards for interpretation, intonation and stylistic accuracy has prompted invitations to in the most important concert venues and festivals in Europe and America.

• Nicola Porpora was 22 years old in 1708 when his first opera, Agrippina, was presented under the patronage of the Austrian vice-regent.   The opera was first performed at the vice regal palace in Naples, and then before the general public at the Teatro di San Bartolomeo.

• Throughout his life Porpora had the opportunity to offer his services, particularly as a maestro di cappella, to influential aristocrats.   With their support he became internationally famous as a composer and singing teacher. Porpora's great period of operatic composition occurred between 1718 and 1742.

PORPORA, Nicola (1686-1768)

  1. Aria | Nobil onda * | Adelaide
  2. Aria Non sempre invendicata * | Adelaide
  3. Recitativo ed aria di Fulvia Misera, dove son? | Ezio
  4. Aria Non son io che parlo * | Ezio
  5. Rec. Acc. Aci amato mio bene | Polifemo
  6. Aria Smanie * | Polifemo
  7. Aria Mi chiederesti meno * | Imeneo
  8. Aria Mentre rendo a te la vita * | Angelica
  9. Ouverture | Arianna
10. Aria Ahi che langue | Arianna
11. Aria Il tuo dolce mormorio | Arianna
12. Rec. Acc. Misera, e che farò? | Arianna
13. Aria Misera Sventurata | Arianna
14. Aria Si caro ti consola | Arianna

      * Premier enregistrement mondial
      * World Premiere Recording

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