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New music for clarinet and chamber orchestra

François Houle, clarinet
Turning Point Ensemble - Owen Underhill, conductor

ACD2 2394
• Liquid describes the mellifluous sound of François Houle's clarinet; the mercurial overlapping timbres in Scelsi's Kya, the rippling cadenza circles in Houle's Clarinet concerto; the leaping, spiky lines of clarinet that fly over and through the ruptured surfaces of Yannick Plamondon's Schrift; and Liquid is also the title of a piece by John Korsrud.   In the four substantial works recorded here, the multi-dimensional and unique world of the solo clarinet merges and collides with that of a large chamber ensemble in ways that are unpredictable and alchemical.

• Vancouver's Turning Point Ensemble was formed by its musician members in 2002 to present rarely heard concert music for a large-sized chamber ensemble.   The ensemble's mandate is to increase the understanding and appreciation of music composed during the past hundred years, linking the music of earlier times to the music of today.   Owen Underhill is the ensemble's co-founding Artistic Director.

• In all of the diverse musical spheres in which he is active - classical, jazz, new music, improvised music, and world music - clarinettist François Houle has established himself as one of today's most inventive musicians.   A graduate of McGill University, he is Artistic Director of the Vancouver Creative Music Institute and teaches at the Vancouver Community College School of Music.

• Recorded at Ryerson United Church in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on November 26th and 27th 2007 and January 22nd and March 17th 2008.

1. Liquid     [18:16]

2. Schrift     [15:46]

3. Concerto     [19:01]

4. I     [4:58]
5. II     [6:47]
6. III     [2:56]

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