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Trios et Quatuors

Pablo Valetti, violon et alto barouqe / baroque violin and viola
Les Boréades de Montréal

ACD2 2322

For the majority of music lovers up until the 1820s, the name Bach didn't conjure up Johann Sebastian, as is the case today, but rather one of his sons, Carl Philipp Emanuel, who worked successively in Berlin and in Hamburg.   He was indeed one of the most influential composers of his time and his particular qualities made him one of the precursors of musical Romanticism.   For this recording, the Boréades ensemble welcomes the eminent violinist of Argentinian birth Pablo Valetti, now very active in France, to enchant us with wonderful chamber music works - trio sonatas and quartets for various instruments-from the inimitable and intense genius of this great Bach.

Quatuor pour pianoforte, flûte et alto en rê majeur /
Quartet in D major for fortepiano, flûte, and viola   H.538

      (HAMBOURG, 1788)
  1. Allegretto       5:32
  2. Sehr langsam und ausgehalten       5:04
  3. Allegro di molto       5:03

Sonate en trio pour flûte à bec basse, alto et basse continue en fa majeur /
Trio Sonata in F major for bass recorder, viola, and continuo   H.588

      (BERLIN, 1755)
  4. Un poco andante       3:43
  5. Allegretto       5:49
  6. Allegro       2:33

Sonate en trio pour 2 violons et basse continue en do mineur /
Trio Sonata in C minor for 2 violins and continuo

      Sanguineus und Melancholicus H.579
      (BERLIN, 1749; ZWEY TRIO, NUREMBERG, 1751)
  7. Allegretto - Presto       5:38
  8. Adagio       3:41
  9. Allegro       10:10

Quatuor pour pianoforte (avec violoncelle), flûte et alto en la mineur /
Quartet in A minor for fortepiano (with cello), flûte, and viola   H. 537

      (HAMBOURG, 1788)
10. Andantino       6:04
11. Largo e sostenuto       4:35
12. Allegro assai       4:21

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