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L'Ensemble de la SMCQ
Walter Boudreau, conductor
La Philharmonie des vents du Québec
Alain Cazes, conductor
Louise-Andrée Baril, piano
Lise Daoust, flûte
Sylvie Lambert, 'cello

ACD2 2283

For those who know him, the name of Walter Boudreau evokes energy, curiosity, and an appetite for all that can nourish the human spirit from the get go.   A man of many faces, this orchestral conductor and composer projects a number of images which, apparently, have nothing in common.   If he refuses to be strictly categorized, Boudreau has nonetheless been variously identified as:
1.) the man with the legendary red shoes, who will stop at nothing to ensure the wholesale integration of contemporary music in the listening habits of fellow Quebecers;
2.) the inspired and tremendously expressive composer of Golgot(h)a and the Berliner Momente cycle;
3.) the demanding structuralist, a mathematical maniac who relishes the detailed work inevitable in his compositional method;
4.) the energetic orchestral conductor;
5.) the furious [ex-] saxophonist who was both a Jazzer and something of a rocker;
6.) Raoul Duguay's partner at the heart of L'lnfonie, true institution of the 1970s, symbol of the creative explosion and the Quebecois imagination. […]

GOLGOT(H)A (1990)     [31:09]
“Radio” work in two parts and 15 sections for 2 trumpets, 2 horns, 2 trombones,
tuba, sampled solo voice, sampled mixed choir (SATB), organ and 5 percussion
[  1] prélude     [2:42]
[  2] station   1   Jésus est condamné à mort / Jesus is condemned to death     [3:25]
[  3] station   2   Jésus est chargé de sa croix / Jesus is laden with his cross     [3:30]
[  4] station   3   Jésus tombe pour la première fois / Jesus falls for the first time     [2:28]
[  5] station   4   Jésus rencontre sa mère / Jesus meets his mother     [2:50]
[  6] station   5   Simon de Cyrène aide Jésus à porter sa croix / Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry his cross     [2:02]
[  7] station   6   Véronique essuie le visage de Jésus / Veronica wipes Jesus' face     [1:53]
[  8] station   7   Jésus tombe pour la deuxième fois / Jesus falls for the second time     [1:36]
[  9] interlude     [2:20]
[10] station   8   Jésus rencontre les femmes qui pleurent / Jesus meets the women who weep     [0:59]
[11] station   9   Jésus tombe pour la troisième fois / Jesus falls for the third time     [1:17]
[12] station 10   Jésus est dépouillé de ses vêtements / Jesus is stripped of his clothing     [1:10]
[11] station 11   Jésus est cloué à la croix / Jesus is nailed to the cross     [1:01]
[14] station 12   Jésus meurt sur la croix / Jesus dies on the cross     [0:52]
[15] station 13   Jésus est déposé dans les bras de sa mère / Jesus is placed in the arms of his mother     [0:37]
[16] station 14   Jésus est mis au tombeau / Jesus is placed in the tomb     [0:38]
[17] Résurrection de Jésus / Resurrection of Jesus     [1:44]

[18] TRADIDERUNT ME IN MANUS IMPIORUM (1991)     [11:01]
For concert bands

[19] COFFRE III(a) (1984)     [10:56]
For flute, 'cello and piano

[20] DEMAIN LES ÉTOILES (1981)     [20:19]
For 12 saxophones

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